Kodak Endura Metallic vs Portra Endura

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by dwolf, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. dwolf

    dwolf Guest

    Over at mpix they offer both papers... 29 cents compared to 49 cents... I
    don't mind spending more if it's really nicer... anyone know if it is

    Portra Endura Paper (aka Traditional E-Surface Paper) vs
    Kodak Endura Metallic paper
    dwolf, Sep 28, 2007
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  2. dwolf

    Not4wood Guest

    I just received my first order from MPIX and I am so surprised and impressed
    with how much this
    Metallic Paper gives off its own silver shine on certain parts of the shot.

    It is Very Impressive. I only made up a 3 8X12 package (as a test) with one
    shot also going over to the B&W Dept. making 4 prints in total. The B&W
    Dept is separate and it was actually sent as two packages so I had to pay
    for shipping twice with the B&W a Single Pic in its own package and both
    were received at the same time so it was really unnecessary to have two
    packages anyway). This way one pic is being printed twice here, and I had
    it printed at another Online Lab and I am having trouble finding a good B&W
    print from Digital Technology with the full range of grey tones that we are
    accustomed to from Film Technology. Granted I wasn't expecting much but the
    Metallic Paper vs the Black and White has such a slight change and the
    Metallic Paper does show a drop more detail in the shadow areas.

    I would say that the Metallic is very good, has a rich color quality and
    where I had water reflections the Silver Shine really is impressive. Maybe
    not for all kinds of Photos, but I only sent in some Sceneries and Not any
    Portraits yet. I am also surprised that the Luster is so Glossy. I had
    intended these pics to be Matted and then Framed. Now I'm not so sure about
    how they will look being so Glossy behind a Non-Glare Glass or whatever the
    Framing Place uses now.
    I will do this on Saturday and will drop a short note on what happens.

    MPIX is slightly cheaper than the other Lab I tried. Comparing regular
    Color prints to this Metallic Paper is a tough call. Both are very good, at
    the other Lab I had one blown up to 11X14 and they handled the colors and
    details very well, but MPIX does a nicer Job of handling the extreme tones
    of my B&W Scenery shot.

    I would also highly recommend http://www.elcocolor.com/

    I have no connections to or in any means related to either Lab. This sole
    purpose is to give an unbiased observation of Quality. Both companies
    shipped my order very fast. I received my order from Elco Color one day
    earlier then MPIX. I had placed my orders on Sunday Afternoon a week apart.
    Got my order from MPIX today on Wednesday. Received my order from Elco
    Color last Tuesday. Fast prompt service, both high quality and the order
    process is very easy to use.

    Mark G
    Not4wood, Oct 4, 2007
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