Kodak Flexicolor C41 still available in small sizes

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Thor Lancelot Simon, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. After a long phone odessey with Kodak (and some help from Chaim in B&H's
    darkroom department and one of B&H's buyers) I've discovered that Kodak
    does still sell the ready-to-use Flexicolor C41 developer (no separate
    starter and replenisher required). It's no longer packaged as gallon
    kits, though the bleach and fix are still sold as gallons.

    It is now labelled as Flexicolor SM Tank Developer and sold in a 2-liter
    size. The Kodak part number is 1756337. I've confirmed with Kodak
    photofinishing support that this is a standard C41 developer, with the
    usual 3:15 @ 100F time if mixed per the package directions, and requires
    no starter.

    It's about twice the price of the old gallon kit ($10 for 2L instead of 1
    gallon) but still a pretty good deal compared to commercial processing,
    particularly for large format film.
    Thor Lancelot Simon, Oct 25, 2007
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  2. Thor Lancelot Simon

    Ken Hart Guest

    Yeah, this is a PITA! I was using the package that makes 3.5 gallons. This
    was perfect for me. With the new packaging, I will be mixing chems about
    every third portrait session!

    My vendor (PDI in Rochester, NY) also sells Trebla brand chemistry. I've
    used the RA4 Trebla with excellant results (no more tar in the racks*). PDI
    recommended that I go to the Trebla C41; it requires starter, but they do
    have a small quantity package, at a better price than Kodak.

    (* When I switched to the Trebla RA4 developer, it actually 'cleaned' the
    tar out of the system. This was a good news/bad news thing. It loosened any
    tar in the plumbing, replenishment pumps, tank, etc, and I had to clean the
    racks every couple days! You really get strange looks at WalMart when you
    buy a dozen bottles of Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner, the manufacturer's
    recommended cleaner.)
    Ken Hart, Oct 25, 2007
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  3. I'm looking at PDI's web site and I'm not sure which C41 developer is
    which -- they seem to package it several ways, some listed by weight,
    some by volume! Are you using the Trebla C41 yet? If so, which one
    do you buy and how much does it make? It looks like I might want this:

    TR C41 TL60 DEV/REP KIT 3X5L

    But I don't know how much working solution this would make. I do see
    the separate, inexpensive 32oz bottle of starter.
    Thor Lancelot Simon, Oct 25, 2007
  4. I do notice they have the C41RA fixer in small quantities, another thing
    I can't find anywhere from Kodak (I think it's still a Kodak product
    in the small sizes but nobody stocks it). Nice. This will take some
    time out of my weekly Jobo worship session. Again, though, I'm baffled
    by the described quantity of the C41RA bleach -- they show it as 2 x 5L
    for $104.37, three times the price of the C41 "bleach III" in 2 x 4L,
    or twice the price of the "bleach III" in 4 x 5L. These must be
    concentrate volumes -- I think.

    I will actually be near Rochester to pick up some equipment over the
    weekend or early next week. Does PDI have a retail store? I have
    a vague recollection I might actually have visited it, a long time ago.
    Thor Lancelot Simon, Oct 25, 2007
  5. Thor Lancelot Simon

    Ken Hart Guest

    I don't blame PDI for the confusion on their website- I blame Kodak! Why
    can't they publish a simple catolog with item descriptions and catolog
    numbers? I say this because I hope someone will prove me wrong a post and
    URL to a pdf Kodak catolog- I will gladly retract my comment!

    I haven't tried the Trebla yet; the catolog number (supplied by PDI) for the
    developer is 55DE550 at $71.60, the starter is 55DE519 at $3.25. If you buy
    it, tell them I sent you. I've had good experiences buying from PDI- I
    recommend them.
    Ken Hart, Oct 25, 2007
  6. Thor Lancelot Simon

    Ken Hart Guest

    Don't know about the retail store.

    Generally Kodak's descriptions of chemical volume are for final 'working'
    solutions, unless the chemical can be mixed in different ways. For example,
    their C41 fixer that I use is supplied as 4x1 gallon, and can be mixed as a
    one-shot or a replenishment..

    Kodak sells a C41 bleach for use as is and they sell a replenisher bleach.
    Perhaps that is the source of your confusion? I've switched to the Trebla
    C41 bleach replenisher, which is substantially less than the Kodak. The
    replenish rate for Kodak was about 20mL (IIRC) per 120 roll as opposed to
    6mL for the Trebla. (The Trebla also was not a HazMat- Rochester is a bit
    far for a weekend trip!)
    Ken Hart, Oct 25, 2007
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