Kodak on the ink-price war-path...with a sense of humor :)

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Mark², Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Mark²

    Mark² Guest

    I've never been a Kodak fan, myself, but their latest move against
    competitors goes right after their crown jewels... You know...their fat
    wallets...that are filled by selling the world ink for the price of gold??

    For the first time ever...I like Kodak's attitude. :)

    Here's a funny (and interesting) clip from their site, in connection with
    their in-price-busting printer move:

    'The Stink on Ink"

    Might wanna plug your nose and open a window because here comes the Stink on

    1. For the cost of 80 mL of ink, you could fill up a luxury SUV in Los
    Angeles with 32 gallons of gas--that's over 120,000 mL! But unless you're a
    duke or dutchess, don't even think about 120,000 mL of ink... that would
    cost over $117,000!

    2. 750 mL of ink could fill up an empty champagne bottle. But why do that
    when you could purchase more than 3 bottles of expensive champagne for the
    same price?! Plus, have you ever tasted ink? Though dangerous, it's actually
    pretty delicious, but, still, that's really expensive.

    3. One 3.4 oz bottle of luxury perfume could keep most women smelling
    fabulous for the better part of a year and some women smelling nice for the
    better part of a decade. Good luck surviving on 3.4 oz of printer ink for a
    year. Might as well smell nice because Chanel costs about 20% less than ink!

    4. Did you know that you would need to buy over $22,000 worth of ink to
    paint an average house! For that kind of money, you may as well commission
    Michelangelo to paint "The Creation of Adam" on your ceiling!

    5. Think oil costs you a boat load of greenbacks? Not compared to the price
    of ink. One barrel of oil holds 42 gallons and costs approximately $58
    buckaroos. Good thing ink doesn't power your car. At more than $155,000 per
    barrel and $3,690 per galloon, you'd have to walk, bike, or skip everywhere
    you went!

    6. Taking a bath in liquid gold may be a fantasy fit for King Midas, but
    it's a thrifty proposition compared to a dip in cyan and magenta. The golden
    experience runs about $75,000 in the average tub, but an ink plunge costs
    over $185,000! And that's not even factoring in the cost of adding bubbles!

    7. You're better off getting sick instead of running out of expensive ink.
    100 mL of ink costs the same as 1 gallon of cough and flu syrup! That'll
    keep the sniffles away until you're 300-years-old!

    8. Could one energy drink a day keep the doctor away? Probably not, but it
    would give you boundless energy at a fraction of the price of ink. Only 760
    mL of ink would buy you more than 370 cans of energy drink--that's a year's
    supply! With that much energy, you could run a marathon or just go to a
    library and be really annoying!

    9. Did you know that it would take $900 million worth of ink to fill up an
    Olympic sized swimming pool? You could fill up over 555 Olympic sized
    swimming pools with premium bottled water for that price! Or you could just
    pocket the $900 million and go on a shopping spree.

    Good stuff...and rather depressing... Let's hope Kodak lights a fire under
    the arse of HP, Canon and Epson.

    PS- Here's the URL:
    Quote is from this page:
    The printers in question are:
    Ink price breakdown (pigment ink, no less... Here:
    Mark², Feb 8, 2007
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  2. My Canon Pixma iP 4300 cost only 130 euros.It has 5 separate tanks (photo
    black, bulk black,yellow, magenta, cyan)I printed at least 70 4X5" and 100
    A4 text and 10 A4 photo and one of the tanks is less than half full.(Being
    13 ml for photo and 26ml for bulk).Cost is 15 euros for each tank, but you
    change only the empty one.I bought some pro HP paper (4X5") 100 sheets for
    18 euros with a USB stick 128 MB, and 50 A4 glossy for 25.I have the lexmark
    4200 for scanning/faxing.copying/printing, and I have it's cartridge
    refilled for cost less than 8 euros.I also have the refill kit for the
    lexmark z605 tanks 16 (or 17) that goes with 15 euros 100 ml generic black
    Tzortzakakis Dimitrios, Feb 8, 2007
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  3. Mark²

    ray Guest

    FWIW - I've found that five color systems (cyan, magenta, yellow, light
    cyan, light magenta) plus black give better looking results. YMMV. I've
    also had less than stellar luck with refilling.
    ray, Feb 8, 2007
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