Kodak RA-4 bleach fix

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by JCJeski, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. JCJeski

    JCJeski Guest


    I wanted to do some RA-4 work this weekend, but discovered that I lack Kodak
    Bleach fix part A, for 10 liters. I have the part B. (must have accidentally
    disposed of the part A somehow)

    I'm assuming that part A has the thiosulfate fixing solution, but I can't
    locate the information on the kodak website. I do have some thiosulfate that I
    could mix up, if that's all that's in the part A.

    does anyone have a formula for Kodak part B bleach fix concentrate, so that I
    can print this weekend? Any ideas are appreciated, as the local photo stores
    carry only the 3.8 liter Kodak bleach fix, at $16.


    JCJeski, Aug 23, 2003
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  2. Hi John,

    Part A consists of :

    Ammonium Thiosulfate
    Sodium Bisulfite
    Ammonium Sulfite
    Ammonium Acetate [according to my bottle of the Part A] or Ammonium
    bisulfite [according to the Kodak MSDS]

    You can find the MSDS, which gives proportions by weight [with a little
    bit of math you can turn that into a formula] at:

    Alternatively, you can make up some RA-4 based on Bill Laut's simple
    straightforward formulation, which he published in this newsgroup about
    4 years ago:

    RA-4 Blix -

    Water (Room Temp) 750.0ml
    Ammonium Thiosulfate, 60% 80.0ml
    Ferric Ammonium EDTA 10.0g*
    Water to make 1.0L

    NOTE: This formula is diluted for one shot processing.

    Dr. Chapman has on a couple of occasions posted a general RA-4 bleach
    fix formula in Photo Techniques USA. The most recent was May-Jun 2002,
    p. 12:

    Generic RA-4 Blix

    Water 500 ml
    Ammonium thiosulfate 2-5 ml
    (60% solution)
    Sodium Metabisulfite 15-20 g.
    Sequestrene NH4Fe 120-150 ml
    (aka Ferric Ammonium EDTA)
    Water to make 1 Liter.
    Adjust pH to 5.7-5.8

    Good Luck

    Francis A. Miniter
    Francis A. Miniter, Aug 24, 2003
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