Kodak Smart Picture Frame

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Karl Burrows, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. Karl Burrows

    Karl Burrows Guest

    Anyone know how to hack the activation so I can just use this digital frame
    with a CF card? I just bought it on eBay and it keep saying it requires
    activation. StoryBox went under a while ago and I thought I bought the non
    networked version.

    If this is the wrong newsgroup, please let me know a good one to post this
    question to.

    Karl Burrows, Jun 18, 2004
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  2. you require a new version of firmware that was supposed to have been
    distributed to all frames that were active on the network quite a while ago.

    There really is no hack to do this, contact me off line and we can discuss.

    william dot jackson at kodak dot com
    William Jackson, Jun 18, 2004
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  3. Karl Burrows

    Karl Burrows Guest

    Kodak gave me the firmware update and I got it to work for about 15 minutes
    before it crashed for good.

    You know, this had the potential to be a great item. Maybe just too far
    ahead of its time and shouldn't have required a subscription.
    Karl Burrows, Jun 19, 2004
  4. Karl Burrows

    Ron Baird Guest

    Greetings Karl,

    I have the process and the file. If you like I will be glad to share them
    with you. Let me know, Karl, glad to help.

    Ron Baird
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Ron Baird, Jun 21, 2004
  5. Karl Burrows

    Karl Burrows Guest

    Kodak sent them to me. I sure wish you guys still sold this frame. Still
    better than any out there (other than the $1000 model). I'll host the
    Website to download pictures if you'll start selling it again!
    Karl Burrows, Jun 21, 2004
  6. Karl Burrows

    Ron Baird Guest

    Thanks Karl,

    I appreciate the offer and will pass it on. I have to agree that it is in
    excellent idea and there are others offering a similar service. There are
    reasons why it was discontinued (on screen of frame) but I am afraid that it
    is going to happen next week. I have one on my desk as well, and wanted to
    get one for a friend with whom I could share.

    We appreciate your thoughts.

    Talk to you soon,

    Ron Baird
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Ron Baird, Jun 22, 2004
  7. Karl Burrows

    Neil Maxwell Guest

    The fixed version (removal of the network requirement) works just like
    this. I bought one a few years ago when they discontinued them, and
    all it takes to start a new slideshow is to put a new CF card in it.
    I have the software turn it on at 9am and turn it off at 11pm.

    When they first discontinued the service, they were down below $100 on
    ebay, because there were so many out there. I wish I'd picked up a
    half-dozen, as they're much more expensive now and make great gifts
    for non-technical family members.
    Neil Maxwell, Jun 23, 2004
  8. if you are running the current firmware you can disable all of the network
    connect times so you won't get that message. the original firmware would
    not allow you to disable all 4 of the update times, the current version
    William Jackson, Jan 3, 2005
  9. depends on the version of firmware in the frame

    the original version required a network connection and would not work unless
    it received a hearbeat from the network on a regular interval. This version
    of the firmware was replaced via the network about three years ago.

    the current version of the firmware does not require a connection to the
    network and allows the frame to run in stand-alone mode. This version is
    cdr01.03.01.011011 you can check this via the advanced menu item in the
    frame menu structure.
    William Jackson, Jan 3, 2005
  10. Karl Burrows

    Ron Baird Guest

    Greetings Liz,

    The StoryBox Web option that was once available for use with the frame, is
    closed and no longer functioning. The site now explains more about the
    frame and how you can get your images to Ofoto.

    To render your frame a standalone compact flashcard viewer, however, a new
    version of firmware must be loaded. You will need:

    1. A compact flashcard
    2. A compact flashcard reader on your computer
    3. The file I am glad to send to you or anyone that has a need.

    If you have any difficulty following the instructions given, please respond
    to this email. More detailed instructions will be provided, or we will help
    in any other way necessary. Depending on the 'compatibility' of our email
    systems, the attached file may be inaccessible; in which case, it will be
    sent by another system.

    Step 1: Download the attached cydatd.sbu file onto a compact flashcard
    You must create this directory structure on the compact flashcard:
    driveID:\Weave\System\cydatd.sbu. To do this, create a folder on the
    compact flashcard named 'Weave'. With the Weave folder open, create a
    folder named 'System'. (Therefore, the System folder exists within the
    Weave folder.) With the System folder open, detach the attached file to the
    compact flashcard's System folder.

    Step 2: Load the firmware into the frame
    Plug the frame's power cord into a functional outlet. Leave the power cord
    disconnected from the frame for now. Insert the compact flashcard with the
    proper directory structure. Hold the frame so that the compact
    flashcard/slot is facing up with the opposite side pressed securely into
    your lap.
    While firmly holding the Pictures/Channels button 'in', plug the power cord
    into the frame. Hold the Pictures/Channels button in until the frame screen
    flashes and you see the following message displayed on the frame: You have
    entered the Upgrade Code. Press the 'Share!' Button to begin.

    When you can watch the frame for a few moments, press the Share! button on
    the top of the frame. You will see messages displayed that indicate the
    upgrade is being loaded, and asking you to wait. You will then see a
    message that the software is being upgraded. Finally, the screen will flash
    green and then go black.
    Press the Menu button to turn the frame back on. If you receive any error
    messages, just remove the compact flash card, unplug the frame and begin

    Step 3: Confirm the firmware was loaded
    In Step 1, set the current time and click OK. Click OK for Step 2. The
    Kodak Smart Picture Frame Splash Screen will appear and then the onboard
    pictures will be displayed (unless you have already deleted them).
    Press the Menu button. Using an arrow key, select Advanced and press OK.
    In the lower right corner of this screen you should see:

    You can then use your frame as a stand along only. You will not be bothered
    by attempts to log onto the net.

    Let me know if you have trouble, and I will work with you on it.

    Talk to you soon,

    Ron Baird
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Ron Baird, Jan 4, 2005
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