Kodak will no longer make slide projectors

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Tony Spadaro, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Tony Spadaro

    Peter Chant Guest

    Personally I am saving up for Finland, it may be cold but it is the
    ideal place to buy for the festive season.
    Peter Chant, Oct 3, 2003
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  2. Tony Spadaro

    Alan Browne Guest

    Alan Browne, Oct 3, 2003
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  3. I wish I knew how those things operate.....Do they have a laser that scans
    the screen? If so, how do they get it to scan fast enough to get 30 frames
    per second? It's no wonder that they cost so much money....They are an
    amazing device.......
    William Graham, Oct 3, 2003
  4. Nope:
    (although it doesn't specify that it is Carusel compatible, I doubt
    they'd be dumb enough not to make their one round-tray machine use
    another tray type).
    Drew Saunders, Oct 3, 2003
  5. And throw away 80% of your resoloution? - I'm building a box with two
    mirrors and a ground glass that will allow me to project them right onto a
    screen on my tabletop....It will be much brighter and better quality, and
    will cost me less than $100........
    William Graham, Oct 3, 2003
  6. Tony Spadaro

    ThomasH Guest

    Leica Pradovit projectors take the carousel!

    Of course, they always did.

    So does my older Zeiss Royal AF, which is the predecessor of
    the Pradovits. They are both made by the former Zeiss-Ikon,
    now owned by Leitz.

    This projector is very clever and takes 5 different tray
    types including standard straight, LKM, CS and Kodak round
    (carousel). Rollei Twins cannot take the carousel, though
    and it is a real pleasure to use the MSC Twin with your
    slides. Especially with the 60mm Xenotars you can make a nice
    7/8 foot (2/2.5 m) projection in a small room. Magnificent.

    ThomasH, Oct 4, 2003
  7. Zeiss-Ikon was sold to a Finnish firm, ABLOY OY, in 1989. Not to Leitz.
    The name "Zeiss" was not part of the sale, so "Zeiss-Ikon" then became
    simply "IKON". ABLOY OY joined forces with Swedish firm Assa AB in 1995 to
    form the An ASSA ABLOY Group, and "IKON" now is the "IKON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT

    The former Zett Geräte Werk (a remnant of the old Voigtländer concern) had
    produced projectors since 1928, was bought by Zeiss-Ikon as late as 1969,
    and sold to Leitz as late as 1990.

    The first Pradovit appeared in 1958. It may have been produced by Zett (i
    don't know) but at that time Zett Geräte Werk was not part of Zeiss or
    Q.G. de Bakker, Oct 4, 2003
  8. Please ignore the "An" bit. It's not part of the name, and i don't know how
    it got in there.
    Q.G. de Bakker, Oct 4, 2003
  9. Tony Spadaro

    Jeremy Guest

    x-no-archive: yes

    God, that clown is irritating.
    Jeremy, Oct 4, 2003
  10. Tony Spadaro

    Ross Peebles Guest

    I agree, a scanner that could take a carousel tray would be great!. I have at
    least 300 or so carousel trays of slides I would like to scan. This would be
    the ideal way to scan, instead of taking each slide out, scanning it, and
    putting it back in the tray.
    Ross Peebles, Oct 4, 2003
  11. Tony Spadaro

    Ric Trexell Guest

    When I bought my Kodak Carasol (how ever you spell it) I also bought the
    stack loader. I put the slides in a metal box and then load them in the
    loader. Yes it has its drawbacks like only 40 slides to a time and no
    reverse. However it takes up only the space of two shoes boxes to store my
    slides in metal boxes. The projector I had before that I needed a whole
    closet to store the slide trays. I hate to see the slide projector go the
    way of everything else to digital stuff. I have never seen a digital
    projector that has the color and sharpness of an old fashion slide
    projector. However, that is progress. Ric in Wisconsin.
    Ric Trexell, Oct 4, 2003
  12. Yes, they do. Didn't you click the link?
    Michael Scarpitti, Oct 4, 2003
  13. Michael Scarpitti, Oct 4, 2003
  14. Tony Spadaro

    ThomasH Guest

    I am afraid not. As my Zeiss needed maintenance (AF defunct).
    I wrote to Zeiss an email and they forwarded me to Ikon, being
    a part of Leitz. Thus, I happen to know for sure from the source!

    I am not sure what is the difference between Ikon and Zett, you
    said that Zett is a remnant of Voightländer. Well possible. My
    memory serves me that low end Zeiss projectors (Perkeo for example)
    were made by Zett and high end by Zeiss-Ikon.

    My Royal AF is almost identical to Leica Pradovit IR, especially
    the unique push-down IR sensor is the same. We compared them side by
    side, including internal mechanics in these both projectors. Pradovit
    contains a few extras (such as automatic bulb exchange) and is way,
    way quieter than my Zeiss. The Royal AF is diabolically loud.

    Actually that I now browsed Leica's webpages, I have the impression
    that for the carousel you need the special Pradovit model. My Zeiss
    takes the carousel as well, in vertical orientation.

    Well, of course the name Zeiss was not a part of any sale...

    ThomasH, Oct 4, 2003
  15. No, it's not progress yet....Hang on to your projector and slides until the
    digital stuff has equal or better quality....I am waiting for that day
    before I buy a scanner to scan my slides into my computer......I just bought
    a 5 megapixel coolpix that was on sale....I think I am going to try mating
    it with a slide copier just to see how well it works......
    William Graham, Oct 4, 2003
  16. Well *our* source has a serious problem then. See:


    In German, but the relevant bit ("1989 übernahm die finnische ABLOY OY
    Zeiss-IKON.") should be not to difficult to understand. ;-)

    More details:

    After being sold to Abloy Security Group (WÄRTSILÄ) in Helsinki, and being
    renamed to "IKON AG", in 1989, the firm was incorporated into ASSA ABLOY AB
    in 1994. Meanwhile the focus of the firms activities had shifted towards
    locks and keys.
    Last year (2002), IKON AG Präzisionstechnik and BAB-IKON GmbH Schließtechnik
    merged. This year (2003), IKON AG was renamed IKON GmbH Präzisionstechnik.

    Neither Zeiss-Ikon or IKON was ever owned by Leitz.

    The only link to Leitz is the sale of the Zett Geräte Werk (acquired by
    Zeiss-Ikon in 1969) by Zeiss-Ikon to Leitz in 1990. Just to underline this:
    Zeiss-Ikon was not selling itself, Zeiss-Ikon, but only the Zett Geräte Werk
    to Leitz.
    Q.G. de Bakker, Oct 4, 2003
  17. Tony Spadaro

    ThomasH Guest

    It looks that way, be it as it may: I send in my device 1996 or 1997
    to Braunschweig, and... the bill came from Leizt!! Maybe the is more
    to the story after 1989, where Zeisses story ends? Maybe Leitz than
    does not own them, but rather contract for the Pradovit projectors?
    This might be even a better financial model for Leitz: Slide projectors
    are doomed as a product...
    Thanks, I am quite fluent in German, its a very informative page.

    ThomasH, Oct 4, 2003
  18. Tony Spadaro

    Alan Browne Guest

    Yes, but the "carrousel" that is shown does not look at all like the
    Kodak kind, and the literature makes no specific mention of
    compatibility. It even mentions 80 and 140 "round tray" magazines...
    again not specifically the same ones as Kodak...

    Alan Browne, Oct 4, 2003
  19. Tony Spadaro

    Alan Browne Guest

    too much fish.
    Alan Browne, Oct 4, 2003

  20. I'm pretty sure they're compatible. That would make sense for them...
    Michael Scarpitti, Oct 4, 2003
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