Konica and Minolta are now part of Sony ? What about Yashica?

Discussion in 'Sony' started by aniramca, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. aniramca

    aniramca Guest

    I have not been paying much attention on the photo industry in the past
    10-20 years. Suddenly, I just feel like waking up from my sleep, and
    find out that the world has changed!
    I feel rather sad to remember the transformation of good Japanese
    camera manufacturers, such as Konica and Minolta could not survive in
    this digital world. I owned a Konica T3, and have heard a lot about
    Minolta SRT camera, and later on the Maxxum series. Then they merged
    into Konica Minolta company, with Dimage digital cameras. Now, I just
    find out that it will be part of Sony. Does this mean that we will not
    heard those two names any longer? What about the Konica film? Was
    Sakura film produced by Konica? It was a competitive film against the
    much larger Fuji film and Kodak.
    What about the fate of the Dimage digital cameras? will it be
    discontinued in the new year?
    What about another Japanese camera maker - Yashica ? Do they still
    exist and produce camera ? I remember the Yashica MAT cameras, and even
    own the replica of Rolleiflex box camera. It is so sad to hear all of
    these long time and fine camera makers disappear... or is it an
    indication that I am just getting OLD !
    aniramca, Nov 27, 2006
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  2. Konica-Minolta ceased the photo industry, Sony bought their patents and
    hired Minolta's engineers. Konica and Minolta didn't adapt so they are
    gone. KM is out of the photo industry. All their products have been
    discontinued as of January 2006. This includes Konica/Sakura film,
    Minolta cameras and light meters etc. I have already seen cameras like
    the KM 7D under warranty sent back unrepaired. Yashica was killed off by
    their parent company Kyocera, which also killed off Contax.
    Not Disclosed, Nov 27, 2006
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  3. aniramca

    bmoag Guest

    In a world of Leicasonics and Rolleisamsungs the Contax name will doubtless
    be revived.
    bmoag, Nov 27, 2006
  4. aniramca

    Steve Stone Guest

    Konica / Minolta folded up the camera shop shortly after it was announced
    that too many of the Sony produced CCD's in their digital cameras were
    defective and prone to damage from moisture and humidty.

    Sony did the right thing and picked up the free repairs for these cameras or
    a swap to a Sony model if parts are not available.

    Four years ago I had a local camera shop refurbish my SRT-202.
    My wife purchased it at employee sales when she worked at the Minolta
    Ramsey, NJ site in the 1970's.

    The x-570 I bought in 1983 is still working.
    Awhile back I bought a 7Hi which went was repaired by Sony in September for
    the CCD failure.

    The Ziess Icon Contessa rangefinder is still in the closest with my
    Grandmothers 120 film Kodak from the 1920s.
    Steve Stone, Nov 27, 2006
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