Konica-Minolta 5D vs Canon EOS 5D

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Darrell, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Darrell

    Stacey Guest

    I'm glad there are lots of good options to choose from, each with their own
    strengths and weaknesses. To only have ONE choice would mean that everyone
    would be forced to accept the same strong points as the ones they need and
    if this wasn't the case, they'd be out to lunch. I'm glad there is a system
    that has low noise at 1600ISO, given I'd rarely if ever need this, I'm glad
    I have choices.

    Again I can't understand why people think cheering their "team" to crush the
    competition out of bussiness is going to help them or anyone.
    Stacey, Aug 18, 2005
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  2. Darrell

    Stacey Guest

    Like the mindless person who wrote this?


    The E-1, and other Olympus dSLR cameras, be avoided.
    Stacey, Aug 18, 2005
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  3. No argument from me on that latter sentence. But your postings belie
    that you are glad.
    This is a different interpretation than I had from what you initially
    wrote and from the bulk of your posts. I was looking more at those who
    felt they needed to crush, spank, or at least humiliate those who
    disagreed with them.

    Only the truly pre-Adam Smith types would hope that any one company
    would "kill" or "crush" another, unless they are shareholders or
    workers. We all lose when an innovative company bites the dust.
    John McWilliams, Aug 18, 2005
  4. Darrell

    SMS Guest

    For all intents and purposes we already have a duopoly in digital SLRs.
    Depending on whose numbers you believe, Canon and Nikon control 95-98%
    of the market, with 3-5 other companies splitting the remaining 2-5%
    (and some of these have essentially 0%)
    SMS, Aug 18, 2005
  5. Darrell

    Skip M Guest

    Well, there's already been an EOS 5 and a MAXXUM 5, or Dyanx 5, if you're on
    the other side of the water...so both companies have equal claim to the
    name, as it were.
    Skip M, Aug 18, 2005
  6. Canon's model is called "EOS-5D".

    Bart van der Wolf, Aug 18, 2005
  7. Darrell

    Toa Guest

    Canon's model is called "EOS-5D".
    you've seen one?

    Toa, Aug 18, 2005
  8. Darrell

    no one Guest

    5D is half the cost of 10D
    no one, Aug 18, 2005
  9. It's not released yet, so only few have actually seen it. That still
    makes it unlikely that since all Canon EOS cameras are named EOS-xxxx,
    with xxxx being the model, there is going to be a sudden change with
    the introduction of the EOS-5D.

    Bart van der Wolf, Aug 19, 2005
  10. Darrell

    Toa Guest

    It's not released yet, so only few have actually seen it. That still Bart

    So, how do you it's actually going to be called the 5D?

    Toa, Aug 19, 2005
  11. Know? 25+ years of experience in how global corporations work.
    How do you know it isn't going to be called an EOS-5D??

    Bart van der Wolf, Aug 19, 2005
  12. Darrell

    Toa Guest

    How do you know it isn't going to be called an EOS-5D??
    It's not me guessing anything

    Toa, Aug 19, 2005
  13. So you have credible proof it isn't called EOS-5D?
    Didn't think so. Thanks for playing...

    Bart van der Wolf, Aug 19, 2005
  14. Darrell

    Toa Guest

    It's not me guessing anything
    You have trouble comprehending English? No-one here is saying it's NOT to
    be called an EOS-5D? I merely question how you can assert it is to be so.
    Simply saying you're aware of how global corporates operate doesn't in
    anyway justiofy your claim that it's a reality.

    Admit it, you're guessing. You may well be guessing correctly (time will
    tell) but for the moment it's all a big guess on your part

    Toa, Aug 19, 2005
  15. Even if it isn't my native language, I have no problem comprehending
    English whatsoever, German, French, some Italian, (to name a few) and
    I obviously have no problem comprehending Dutch. Do you, or are you
    just trolling (= a rethorical question)?
    Justiofy? Justify? If you took a bit of more attention to asking the
    question in correct English, you might gain *any* credibiity beyond
    just trolling.
    Do you care to guess, like putting a wager against my being wrong :)?
    I guess it wouldn't work with you posting with a garbled NTTP posting
    Header, Gmail and all, would it, yawn, no challenge at all.

    Bart van der Wolf, Aug 19, 2005
  16. Darrell

    Stacey Guest

    Why? Because I get tired of the "canon does no wrong" or "avoid ____ brand
    at all costs" posters here and point out some of the good and bad points of
    certain cameras?
    Stacey, Aug 19, 2005
  17. Darrell

    Toa Guest

    Nope. As I said your guess may well be correct but it's still just a guess
    ?? The point of the above is?

    My given email address is correct and complete. Unlike some in this forum I
    have absolutely nothing to hide. A simple search of the net will find me
    and no doubt my home address and telephone number should you so choose.

    Toa, Aug 19, 2005
  18. Darrell

    Skip M Guest

    Its supposed specs are weirdly close to the old Canon EOS5, which predated
    the Minolta Maxxum5 by quite a space. Canon has as much right to the "5"
    appelation as anybody...
    Skip M, Aug 19, 2005
  19. Darrell

    Skip M Guest

    The supposed 5D is approximately 2.25 times the cost of the 10D, it is $500
    less than the 1D, or less than 1/2 the cost of the 1Ds MkII
    Skip M, Aug 19, 2005
  20. Darrell

    Brian Baird Guest

    Psst... Skip... I think he was making a joke.
    Brian Baird, Aug 19, 2005
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