Konica Minolta + iPod question

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by junktin, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. junktin

    junktin Guest

    I am probably in the wrong newsgroup for this question (in which case
    someone will no doubt set me straight pretty quickly!)...

    I would like to get a 20 GB colour screen iPod with Apple's camera
    connector for the purpose of dumping photos off of memory cards while

    The camera in question is a Konica Minolta Dimage X20 - it does NOT show
    up in Apple's list of supported cameras but this is possibly just a case
    of not having been tested by Apple.

    Apple says the camera must use one of the protocols PTP, Type 4 (or
    Normal) or Mass Storage.

    I can see nothing in the camera owners manual that indicates one of
    these (or any other for that matter.)

    An email to Konica Minolta has been notably ignored.

    Can anyone offer any insite, experience or educated guesses (see how
    desparate I am?) as to whether this combination is likely to work?

    junktin, Sep 8, 2005
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  2. junktin

    ASAAR Guest

    The manual for my Fuji camera describes the menu option that
    changes the USB connector's mode. It can be set to enable Web Cam
    mode, and in that mode pictures can't be transferred to the
    computer. But the normal, or default is referred to as "DSC (Mass
    Storage device) mode". This is because in this mode the flash card
    is used to emulate a mass storage device (a hard disk drive) for the
    purpose of saving and transferring images. I know virtually nothing
    about Apple computers, but would guess that PTP, type 4 is a
    Peer-to-Peer protocol, possibly for transferring files via the
    internet. I doubt that any cameras would support PTP type 4, but
    there's a slim chance that one of the new cameras supporting Wi-Fi
    ASAAR, Sep 8, 2005
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  3. junktin

    ASAAR Guest

    I missed this part of your msg. in my other reply. In case it
    wasn't clear, my guess it that the combination will work since the
    protocol used by the camera to transfer files to the computer works
    only when the camera sets the USB port to "Mass Storage device"
    ASAAR, Sep 8, 2005
  4. junktin

    junktin Guest

    Thanks for both of your replies.

    I have tackled the camera owner's manual with more diligence now and
    have found a couple of re-assuring clues"
    It does follow the memory card folder structure that Apple requires
    (starting with a DCIM folder with internal folders for photos)
    It describes the transfer mode as switching between a "data storage
    device" and a remote camera. While "data storage device" is not quite
    as exact as the wording "mass storage device", I think I will assume
    they are talking about the same thing.

    I just phoned Konica Minolta (Canada)'s tech support and tried to get
    him to confirm conclusively that this camera did, indeed, conform as a
    "mass storage device" but the most I could get out of him was that it
    acted like an external drive. His suggestion was to get an SD card
    reader and plug that into Apple's camera connector (connected to the
    iPod) but that means unplugging and plugging the SD card a lot. Then
    you get into a whole new debate about which will last longer - the SD
    card contacts (on card and in the camera) or the tiny USB connectors.
    At least the card reader option would give another possible way of
    making the iPod serve if the direct connection was found not to work.

    Local Apple dealers don't seem to bother with demo models of the iPod
    and camera adapter and my daughter is away travelling with the camera,
    in any case, so testing beforehand is not an option.

    junktin, Sep 8, 2005
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