KRudd the geriatric old fart

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Dr. Sir John Howard, AC, WSCMoF, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Kevin87 a birthday blow for PM

    He was elected as the younger, fresher and more energised alternative to John

    But a startling new video released to mark Kevin Rudd's 52nd birthday today
    shows there is little to separate them 35 years from now.

    The digitally-altered clip, dubbed Kevin87 in a cheeky nod to his winning
    Kevin07 election campaign, shows the Prime Minister slowly growing old - and
    bearing a resemblance to his predecessor.

    The video was commissioned by the Aged and Community Services Australia as part
    of a new campaign to draw the Federal Government's attention to the needs of
    Australia's aging population.

    The Sydney-based advertising agency Ursa wound the clock forward on the PM using
    a digital "morphing" program.

    "It's probably the last thing anyone wants to see on their birthday, but it is a
    pretty clever way of bringing attention to the issue of aging, because it
    happens to all of us," ACSA CEO Greg Mundy said.

    "By using the Prime Minister as a symbol for all Australians we are able to
    effectively and engagingly demonstrate that aged care is relevant to everybody -
    there is no escaping getting older."

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one quarter of Australia's
    population will be elderly by 2051.


    - KRudd at his finest.

    "The Labour Party is corrupt beyond redemption!"
    - Labour hasbeen Mark Latham in a moment of honest clarity.

    "This is the recession we had to have!"
    - Paul Keating explaining why he gave Australia another Labour recession.

    "Silly old bugger!"
    - Well known ACTU pisspot and sometime Labour prime minister Bob Hawke
    responding to a pensioner who dared ask for more.

    "By 1990, no child will live in poverty"
    - Bob Hawke again, desperate to win another election.

    "A billion trees ..."
    - Borke, pissed as a newt again.

    "Well may we say 'God save the Queen' because nothing will save the governor
    - Egotistical shithead and pompous fuckwit E.G. Whitlam whining about his
    appointee for Governor General John Kerr.

    "SHUT THE **** UP YOU DUMB ****!"
    - FlangesBum on learning the truth about Labour's economic capabilities.

    "I don't care what you fuckers think!"
    - KRudd the KRude at his finest again.

    "We'll just change it all when we get in."
    - Garrett the carrott
    Dr. Sir John Howard, AC, WSCMoF, Sep 21, 2009
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