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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by MB, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. MB

    MB Guest

    Some time ago I wondered about something like a flip-over desktop
    calendar to show a letter or number so I could place it within a
    photograph to identify a location etc. I never found anything suitable
    so printed some A4 cards with a single large letter then laminated them.
    I have used these when photographing a group of old structures, I was
    able to include an identifying letter as used on a plan available of the

    I got thinking about doing something similar with my Android tablet
    computer. There seem to be plenty of 'clapperboard' Apps around for use
    when filming but I wonder if there are simpler ones for stills. I was
    think that it could be useful to have a incremented number and / or
    letters, spare for some text and perhaps display time, Lat / Long and
    perhaps compass. Some of this can be done crudely with a simple Notepad
    application but wonder if anyone has tried anything more flexible.
    MB, Oct 18, 2013
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  2. MB

    Rob Morley Guest

    Some cameras used to come with a voice memo function so you could
    attach a few spoken words to each shot, but this seems to have been
    dropped so I guess it wasn't considered useful. As most are capable of
    recording video you could record a short video with commentary, and
    match the timestamps to find the associated still. I think there are
    still a few cameras that include GPS units, or can have them added, but
    I expect people are mostly using smartphones or similar to keep track
    where this is a requirement, quite likely using the phone's camera too.
    Rob Morley, Oct 18, 2013
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  3. Well date and time are taken care of with EXIF data, and some cameras also
    add GPS data. For comments, one approach would be to put the memory card
    into your tablet immediately after taking the pics and adding comments to
    the JPEG comment fields or filling out some of the IPTC fields with
    the appropriate data. Irfanview can do this though I don't know if it's
    available for Android devices, but I would have thought there must be some
    app that can do this.

    Abother possibility is to get a wireless SD card which can upload the pics
    directly to your tablet so you don't have to move the card back and forth.
    Gordon Freeman, Oct 20, 2013
  4. MB

    MB Guest

    I already Geotag all my photographs.

    My initial requirement was for a letter or number in the picture to
    identify particular locations which came from photographing a site with
    several structures identified by letters on a plan of the site. Simple
    Lat/Long is not enough because I could be standing my structure 'A'
    taking a picture of structure 'B'.

    I then went from that to thinking of photographing smaller objects where
    a caption could be put in the picture and things like date, time and
    location could be included.

    There is always the good old fashioned notebook but then the information
    is completely separate from the image.

    A certain VVIP's official photographer got in trouble for using a
    wireless SD card!
    MB, Oct 20, 2013
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