Landscape pics taken 17 months apart show the cost of progress...

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by googlegroups, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. googlegroups

    googlegroups Guest

    Today I managed to position myself in almost the exact spot that I took
    a photo from 17 months ago, in semi-rural Greenvale (Vic). A lot of
    things have changed over that time...

    Still working on my site, I hope to have lots of pics up soon...
    including a tour of a former Navy explosives base that is still off
    limits to the public.
    googlegroups, Mar 20, 2006
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  2. googlegroups

    googlegroups Guest

    Hmm... 63 unique IPs viewed it but no one commented. I guess it's not
    as interesting as I thought. :\

    PS: Douglas, I delivered a special cookie just for you.
    googlegroups, Mar 22, 2006
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  3. googlegroups

    Guest Guest

    Hmm... 63 unique IPs viewed it but no one commented. I guess it's not
    Well, I was interested, but too depressed to comment.
    I live in a pleasant, green part of the Gold Coast but
    the inevitable housing estates are closing in.
    Guest, Mar 22, 2006
  4. googlegroups

    D-Mac Guest

    Yes I got that, thanks very much. My permanent IP address is available for
    anyone on any site I visit. Nothing mysterious about that, is there? I paid
    the price long ago for openly identifying myself with honest trading,
    straight black and white warranty statements, consumer advice and a clear
    conscience. I have nothing to hide so when I call, you know up front who it

    I might have made a comment about your picture except you never invited any.
    I have never, in 46 years of Photography passed comment on anyone else's
    work unless they specifically asked for it. Unlike some people who pass
    comments on mine without invitation and sometimes without an ounce tact or
    decency in their posts. (not referring to any one lately). You can hardly
    blame me for returning their fire.

    Perhaps the thought that 63 people looked at your pictures meant they were
    curious to see the past and present together rather than pass critical
    review about your photographic skills? Personally I'd see that as a big plus
    that you managed to attract so many people to a site with just 2 pictures.
    When you get your "lots of pics up soon" maybe you'll get lots more

    It's not a competition or anything between us is it? I mean most other
    visitor would have revolving IPs so you'd never identify them. I can change
    mine whenever I like, you know? The bit I don't quite get is why you prod
    me. I guess there is after all some entertainment value in newsgroup
    participation, eh?
    D-Mac, Mar 22, 2006
  5. googlegroups

    googlegroups Guest

    It's actually a "page" rather than a "site", and I don't think it's
    really that unusual; plenty of people post links to single images.
    Obviously the root site does not yet exist, this was just a preliminary
    peek at something that I thought may be of interest. I decided to make
    it a HTML page with inline images to control the layout better, rather
    than posting links to the images in the message body.

    As for the cookie thing, that was just a fun dig. I had no idea what
    your IP was until you reminded me that it shows in the NNTP headers. :)
    googlegroups, Mar 22, 2006
  6. googlegroups

    googlegroups Guest

    I'll have to admit that I am guilty of furthering this trend myself.
    I'm just about to settle a block in that new estate, about 100m from
    the windmill!

    The current estate that I live in nearby used to be a large farm, and
    although most of it is now medium density residential housing there are
    homestead buildings, sheds and some other artifacts from the original
    farm either on display or in use by the community. The developers of
    the newer estate don't seem to be planning anything like this, so I'm
    doing the next best thing... *click*
    googlegroups, Mar 22, 2006
  7. googlegroups

    grumpy Guest

    The worst thing is that as rural areas are developed, there are less sites worth snapping piccies
    of. Who wants to take pictures of a bunch of McMansions?
    grumpy, Mar 23, 2006
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