Layers and Transparencies

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Kevin M. Kirby, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Hi.

    I have two images that I am trying to compare, using the layers menu
    in PhotoShop. As I don't have the program myself, I have tried sending
    these two pictures to various people, but with no success.

    Here are URL's for the pictures, in case anyone wants to try it --



    The first layer, using the top picture at URL #1, should be rotated by
    about 84 degrees clockwise. The windmill-shaped topography in the
    center of layer #2 should be transparent, so that it can be compared
    to the shape of layer #1.

    Best of Luck :)
    Kevin M. Kirby, Jun 24, 2004
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  2. Kevin M. Kirby

    one_of_many Guest

    I'm sure some generous soul will do your work for you. It's trival as hell.
    one_of_many, Jun 24, 2004
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  3. Kevin M. Kirby

    edjh Guest


    Why don't you download the demo from the Adobe site?
    edjh, Jun 24, 2004
  4. Kevin, I am having a look at these and I think more handiwork is needed and
    transparency isn't perhaps what you are looking for per se. The mars globe
    graphic doesn't show the pole from a nice top view, which would make it
    close to an ortographic projection. I may be able to properly resize and
    position one's center on top of the other but that would not necesarily give
    a nice overlapping result.

    What is the intended goal of having these two pics superpositioned ? If you
    want to show misaligned bits on the map (ie differences between photoreality
    and the drawn map there may be better overlay methods. If you have some more
    info and perhaps an orthagonal picture of the mars pole that would make
    things easier no doubt.

    Pjotr Wedersteers, Jun 24, 2004
  5. What is the intended goal of having these two pics superpositioned ? If you

    Thanks for your comments and questions. The purpose of this graphic is
    not to superimpose over the current polar position, but to demonstrate
    that the pole was originally located in the basin at the center of the
    globe image. The name for this effect is polar wander.


    Kevin M. Kirby, Jun 25, 2004
  6. The only computer I currently own is a pocket pc.
    Kevin M. Kirby, Jun 25, 2004
  7. That is encouraging. It seems to difficult for most people, and I
    can't seem to access a computer to try it myself. Also, this project
    may be trivial, but it is also the solution to The Martian Crustal
    Dichotomy!! ;)
    Kevin M. Kirby, Jun 25, 2004
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