Lazy people and "smartphones" continue to erode P&S sales

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by RichA, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. RichA

    tony cooper Guest

    Some banks (credit unions, in the US, are considered to be banks) do
    not charge a monthly fee or any fees on transactions. Mine doesn't.

    The bank has use of money on deposit and can profit from using that
    money. They loan out that money and make a profit from interest on
    automobile, mortgage, and personal loans. Their interest rates are
    competitive with the interest rates of other institutions.
    tony cooper, Mar 3, 2012
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  2. RichA

    Alan Browne Guest

    Many US banks are notorious for abusive charges on overdrawn accounts.
    There are instances where someone is overdrawn by a few dollars, that
    results in non-payments or the small payment accompanied by an excessive
    fee and high interest. It's unstable and prone to runaway. People
    would even rather have a charge denied when over drawn, but the banks
    would rather the account over draw and then sock the customer with fees
    and usurious interest.

    I [1] pay a monthly fee ($13) for which I get a list of services w/o
    further charge. That includes overdraft protection to $1000 at a
    nominal interest rate. (eg: overdraft of $100 covered the next day
    costs pennies), and various other services and abilities. As I keep a
    nominally low amount in my chequing account (better interest in other
    accounts), this covers me if I buy something and forget to transfer the
    cash on the same day, or if a payment goes through for which I haven't
    transferred cash in (mortgage, insurance mainly).

    [1] Then, by keeping $2500 minimal balance in a particular savings
    account, the $13 is waived. (I earn more on the non-payment than on the

    There's a big difference in service structures between the US and
    Canada. (Or the US and everywhere).
    Alan Browne, Mar 3, 2012
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  3. RichA

    tony cooper Guest

    I agree, but that kind of fee is avoidable. It is not a fee that all
    customers of that bank pay. It's the same with a loan - whether from
    a bank or another institution - in that there may be late fees that
    make a very attractive rate of interest turn into an expensive deal.
    Again, though, the fees are avoidable.
    My credit union allows me to have a regular checking account with no
    fees, a "money market" account that pays interest, and free transfer
    of money from the money market account to my checking account in case
    of overdraft in my checking account. The bank also will transfer
    overdrafts to my credit card with that bank. Regular interest rates
    apply to the credit card.
    No minimum is required by my credit union if I have at least one
    direct deposit. My social security check is direct deposited.
    There's a big difference between one US bank and another. Savvy
    customers shop around for the best deal.
    tony cooper, Mar 3, 2012
  4. RichA

    Alan Browne Guest

    I used to avoid fees by keeping fat balances in 2 accounts (Back then I
    only had 2). With travel, paying bills by mail/cheque, a new house,
    credit cards (mine, companies), there was more to manage and less day to
    day certainty over chequing balance. (In those days, amounts could be
    automatically transferred from savings to chequing on an overdraft. I
    don't recall if there was a service charge).

    There was a lack of visibility cost. I would walk over to the bank at
    least 2x per week (lunch hour crowd) to check on things.

    I hardly go there anymore.
    Credit unions are less prevalent here though more popular in the west (I
    I'm sure. My main concern would be avoiding "trapdoor" banks where
    things can go out of hand for a minor error.

    In Canada there are 7 major banks and most people have their accounts
    with one of them.
    Alan Browne, Mar 3, 2012
  5. RichA

    Guest Guest

    i never said everyone wants or needs an iphone.
    Guest, Mar 3, 2012
  6. RichA

    Guest Guest

    some do.
    Guest, Mar 3, 2012
  7. RichA

    Guest Guest

    you need access to every single file all the time?
    there's no need to upload it anywhere. it's all accessible as it is, on
    my desktop system. at any time, i can connect to it and get at whatever
    i happen to need, or, use remote desktop software to start a task that
    completes by the time i get home.

    it's also well locked down, more so than many online storage systems,
    such as dropbox where *any* password would allow access for a brief
    time a year or so ago. oops.
    it's much more than 10-20, but that's not the point.
    what if what you want to do does not require typing at all?
    entirely missing the point.

    maybe you can contort your desktop computer to do the same things a
    smartphone or tablet can, including writing the software that doesn't
    exist and plugging in various accessories for the missing hardware, but
    it rapidly becomes clumsy or impractical.

    furthermore, the 'tiny size' can be the key differentiating feature. my
    phone is always with me. my laptop is not.

    like the saying goes, the best computer is the one you have with you.
    that's not sleeping, that's turning the 3g radio completely off.

    nevertheless, wifi can be used in airplane mode and push notifications
    will still arrive.
    wow. one android phone out of over 800 android devices so far, and it
    looks like it's only available in japan too.
    see above. that's not sleep, that's turning it off. how well does your
    laptop work for getting push alerts with wifi turned off and its
    ethernet cable unplugged?
    once again, airplane mode is *not* sleep. in airplane mode, the 3g
    radio is *off*.
    because all laptops have ssd now. oh wait. they don't.
    no, these 'many current systems' really are current, as in buy today,
    including high end imacs and mac pros.

    that does not mean that an ipad would outperform *everything* a mac pro
    can do (how absurd), but for some tasks it does, and that alone is
    impressive. furthermore, not everyone needs to do high end video

    the point is that a tablet is not a low end crippled system you try to
    make it out to be. for some tasks, it's the best solution.
    the laptop camera is facing the wrong way if you want to do augmented

    sure, you can get a mirror attachment, and then plug in a gps, and then
    add in a 3g card, and then add whatever else is missing. eventually,
    you get a system that might be able to do what a tablet does, but
    nowhere near as easily or as elegantly.
    broken? seriously?? how well does your laptop work if it's broken? what
    a ridiculous comment. comparing a broken ipad to a working laptop to
    prove a laptop is better is ludicrous.
    try holding your laptop overhead and then try to use the trackpad to
    control it. that's even more tiring.
    every ipad and iphone has astronomy apps available and i'm sure android
    has similar offerings. a rear facing camera is not required but if it's
    there, it can be used.
    Guest, Mar 3, 2012
  8. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Either of my banks. I pay for check
    printing, if I order checks (much down from my typical usage back
    when). The interest rate they pay for money in my demand deposit
    account is very very low these days ("zero" is a decent approximation),
    That's what changed fairly early on. Early on, non-credit-card-funded
    payments could go through without paying a rake.
    David Dyer-Bennet, Mar 5, 2012
  9. The times are accurate to the second. Do you need the logs to
    prove that?
    The timestamps posted doesn't mean immediate transmission to the
    NNTP server. There's no round the clock connectivity guaranteed
    and the system's designed for fast batch transmission.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Mar 13, 2012
    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Mar 13, 2012
  11. RichA

    George Kerby Guest

    OK. Thanks for the explanation.
    George Kerby, Mar 14, 2012
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