LCD monitor problems: Samsung VP-D55

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by impslayer, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. impslayer

    impslayer Guest

    Hi all!

    Just recently the LCD monitor of my Samsung VP-D55 recorder
    stopped working! Just from one day to the another, it suddenly
    just shows a grey/white screen when recording and viewing the
    result. Otherwise the recorder works perfectly...

    The LCD monitor DOES work in a certain angle though (when the
    monitor is about 20% 'out'), so it might be some sort of
    'glitch' or something...

    My questions now are if anyone knows about a malfunction
    like this, and perhaps also what can be done... There is a screw
    below the monitor that I'd suspect would make it possible to
    remove the monitor, but it could also damage the recorder I guess :)

    As the recorder was bought about 2.5 years ago, the store where I
    bought it just told me it wasn't any idea to repair it through the
    store, it would be almost the same price as a new recorder!
    (Only had a one-year guarantee.) And when mentioning that
    for about 7000 SEK (550 UK pounds) I'd think a recorder would last
    more than 2.5 years, the guy in the shop just shrugged, and also
    said that Sweden was such a small market that Samsung wouldn't
    be bothered if their products would get a bad reputation!

    Anyway, this sucks!


    /Birger Johansson, aka impslayer

    (Some comforting messages is totally ok.)
    impslayer, Oct 10, 2003
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  2. impslayer

    Pat Horridge Guest

    It is almost certainly the ribbon cable hidden in the hinge of the LCD flap
    that has fractured.
    Hence it works when the angle is correct.
    Should be a relativley simple repair but will probably still cost quite a
    bit to have done due to the complexity of getting into the things.
    I would look for a more general camcorder repair outfit who may have come
    across the model before.
    Or even consider shipping it abroad if you can find somebody who can deal
    with it.
    Pat Horridge, Oct 10, 2003
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