Lenmar MSC1USB Mach 1 Fusion Charger with USB Output

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Steven M. Scharf, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Lenmar MSC1USB Mach 1 Fusion Charger with USB Output

    I got this charger yesterday, just in time for a trip, and it solves the
    problem of having to carry multiple chargers. With one charger I can charge
    BP511 (20D, G2), NB1L (S500), AA (A60 and various other stuff), as well as
    my cell phone.

    It charges the following batteries, out of the box, with no extra plates:

    Plate for 4 AA/ 4AAA cells (must be charged in pairs)

    Plate XPA1

    * Canon BP-911/914/924
    * Canon NB-2L
    * Samsung L110/L220/L160/L320/L480

    Plate XPA3

    * Canon NB-1L/NB-3L
    * Olympus LI-10B
    * Nikon EN-EL1

    Plate XPA4

    * Fuji NP-80/NP-100
    * JVC BN-V712U/BN-714U

    Plate XPA5

    * Canon BP-511/BP-522
    * Nikon EN-EL3
    * Olympus BLM-1
    * Minolta NP-400

    They have many other plates available for less common batteries
    (http://www.lenmar.com/plate_msc1u.asp) but note that this page is incorrect
    in terms of what the included plates actually support, i..e. it shows the
    Canon NB-1L as not included, but it actually is.

    Since the Lenmar site is incorrect, regarding which batteries are supported,
    I put up a little blurb about this charger on my web site,
    Steven M. Scharf, Jun 24, 2005
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