lens hacking question: good movie camera lenses?

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by zeitgeist, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. zeitgeist

    zeitgeist Guest

    I see a lot of old lenses sold on ebay, some interesting things, for 16 and
    35mm cameras. C-mount, exacta mount. etc. 90mm f/1.8 etc. and some
    10:1 zooms.

    are there any guides, charts etc, that lists what types of mounts are
    convertible, what systems let converted lenses work. I know there's stuff
    like that for medium format shooters, who used to convert russian lenses to
    mamiya and bronica, take old large format soft focus lenses to fit on
    zeitgeist, Jun 20, 2006
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  2. zeitgeist

    tomm42 Guest

    It all depends on what you want to pay, some folks get an idea in their
    head and either have the machinist skills or the deap pockets to see a
    project through. Often the result is not nearly as good as expected,
    sometimes there are gems.
    The main thing you run into is every camera manufacturer has a
    different distance from the rear element to the film plane (thickness
    of the camera body is another way to look at this. Canon bodies are
    short so a lot of lenses can be adapted to them, Nikon & Pentax bodies
    are long so it is difficult to adapt lenses to them. Pentax has a lot
    of 42mm screw mount lenses out in circulation that fit, so really Nikon
    is the most difficult to adapt lenes to. Almost anything can be adapted
    to Leica screw mount or M-mount.

    Movie lenses are another story, c-mount lenses have an extremely short
    rear element to film plane distance,and very narrow coverage. So they
    are very difficult to adapt to film cameras. Though I bet they would
    work with a P&S digital camera, here you just need the machinist
    skills, and be willing to put up with a lack of automation. One problem
    is now all the bodies and lenses are plastic. A lot of the 10x C-mount
    zooms are very substantial brass lenses and are extremly heavy.

    I have 2 hybrid lenses one is a Fern-Kilar 400 mm f5.6 in Leica
    Visoflex mount, for this lens adapting is easy and I have adapters for
    Canon FD and Nikon, both are flawed, the canon doesn't quite focus to
    infinity, while the Nikon focuses beyond infinity, such are the
    problems you run into. The other lens is a Kilar 40mm in a fixed Canon
    mount, haven't seen a listing for this lens anywhere, a very
    professional job. These lenses are both manual diaphram lenses so they
    are not automated. Leitz Visoflex lenses can be adapted to just about
    any DSLR lens mount by already available adapters. Mount to mount
    adapters are available (cheapest) on Ebay and at www.Cameraquest.com.

    tomm42, Jun 20, 2006
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