Lens Hoods from Deal Extreme

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by SMS, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. SMS

    SMS Guest

    I see that dealextreme.com is offering a bunch of lens hoods and lens
    caps for Canon and Nikon lenses. I'd probably stay away from their
    filters, but for a lens hood I would not hesitate to buy a CCLH (cheap
    Chinese lens hood).

    For anyone foolish enough to want to add wide-angle or telephoto
    adapters to a P&S camera, they have some of those lens adapters
    available, but I expect that they're even worse quality than the ones
    you can get from Olympus, Nikon, or Canon.

    "http://www.dealextreme.com/search.dx/search.lens hood"

    For those with Canon lenses, be very careful to choose the right hood
    because there are hoods with very similar model numbers that are
    actually quite different, i.e. EW-73B versus EW-73.

    They also have some generic lens hoods that screw onto the lens threads
    or filter threads, but these should be a last resort.
    SMS, Mar 3, 2010
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  2. SMS

    tony cooper Guest

    Your source may be very good for some accessories, but here's another

    I bought some lens caps, rear lens caps, and screw-in lens hoods from
    them. Prices were reasonable, service was fast, and the products work
    just fine.
    tony cooper, Mar 4, 2010
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  3. SMS

    SMS Guest

    It's best to avoid the screw-on lens hoods if possible. For Canon and
    Nikon there are custom lens hoods for most lenses so you don't need to
    use the screw-on hoods. But I have bought filters and lens caps from
    that company and they were fine.
    SMS, Mar 4, 2010
  4. SMS

    tony cooper Guest

    Why? The reason I purchased screw-on soft rubber lens hoods is
    because the damn rigid Nikon fit-ons are a PIA to keep on the camera.
    The rubber screw-ons fold back and act as a bumper to protect the lens
    from banging against things. The camera fits in my top-load
    holster-style bag without removing the hood, and my other lens fits in
    its pouch without removing the hood. The hood is rolled back 90% of
    the time.

    I use their 3-in-1 hoods and love 'em.
    tony cooper, Mar 5, 2010
  5. SMS

    BFD Guest

    Are you so quick to forget that SMS has never held or used any camera in
    his life? There's no reason to ask "why" he types what he does. Knowing
    this is all that's needed to explain all his "advice". All he knows is what
    he reads in online advertising. If the page is pretty and easy enough for
    him to understand, then that's a good enough reason for him! And it should
    be for you too!
    BFD, Mar 5, 2010
  6. By 3-in-1 you mean the collapsible rubber hood that goes from wide
    angle to telephoto? Unbeatable on a general zoom! Zoom the lens and
    zoom the hood! And not only a very useful accidental impact shock
    absorber, but lets you push it right into glass panes to stop
    reflections. Especially train, bus, or car windows, because it soaks
    up the vibrations.

    Very high on my list of the best value for money photographic
    accessories I've got!
    Chris Malcolm, Mar 5, 2010
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