Lens repair needed - Help! Sigma 35-70mm Zoom Master with Macro Lens

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Don, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. Don

    Don Guest

    I recently acquired a Sigma 35-70mm zoom FD lens along with a Canon
    A-1 Camera outfit. The focus/zoom ring on this lens will not move! The
    previous owner said that it worked fine until he tried to use after it
    had gone unused for several years. Any suggestions on what to check
    first? I'm a do-it-yourself fanatic but this is a new experience. All
    suggestions are appreciated.

    Don, Sep 16, 2003
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  2. Doesn't it move at all? Can you pull it backwards/forwards or turn it?
    Lens designs vary a lot - but you might be able to see part of the internal
    zoom/focus mechanism if you remove the rubber grip from the ring. I haven't
    been able to find a photograph of that particular lens, so I can't be sure
    if the grip is removable in that way - but on a lot of one-touch zoom
    lenses, you can remove the rubber grip simply by getting a flat-bladed
    screwdriver underneath it and slowly teasing it off. Once there, you might
    be able to see part of the thread - maybe it's dry and seized up. You might
    also be able to see the runner which moves the front/rear elements (or
    however it's designed) during zooming. This might also be the problem.

    Again, these are all *possible* things. Lenses are designed in lots of
    different ways, so it's difficult to be sure unless you're looking at the
    If you end up taking the thing apart, make sure you note the positions of
    *everything* - it can be quite easy to lose the focusing of the front
    element if the lens design allows you. It's quite annoying to put a lens
    back together only to have to take it apart again because it doesn't focus
    to infinity anymore... Which I have done - ended up dismantling it three
    times and I'm sure it never came apart the same way twice. Still, it works
    perfectly now!

    Chris Barnard, Sep 16, 2003
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  3. Don

    Scott Elliot Guest

    A Sigma 35-70 lens in Canon FD mount must be worth at least $10. I would
    not spend much trying to have it repaired. Keep your eyes open for the
    Canon FD equivalent. Even better would be Canon 28, 50 and 100 mm prime

    Scott Elliot
    Scott Elliot, Sep 17, 2003
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