Let's hear from the Rebel owners

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Lisa Horton, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Lisa Horton

    Lisa Horton Guest

    For every person who owns an Elan, or A2E, or EOS 1, there are many more
    who use a Rebel of some flavor. If you're one of those people, I'm
    curious what you think. Open questions:

    Are you interested in going digital?

    What has held you back so far?

    Does the new Digital Rebel seem like something you realistically might

    How many lenses do you own?

    Do you own a tripod?

    Do you own a remote release, cable or IR?

    Answer as few or as many as you please. You are, after all, kind of in
    the spotlight right now.

    Lisa Horton, Aug 21, 2003
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  2. Lisa Horton

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    My wife might buy a digital Rebel -- if there's a QD version - or perhaps
    even without, since digital files have the date info anyhow. I doubt I would
    buy one for me, but I would use it if she bought it.

    home of The Camera-ist's Manifesto
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    Tony Spadaro, Aug 21, 2003
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  3. I was originally looking at the Rebel, but went for the Elan. I'm picky unlike most consumers. I
    view the instrument as a tool, where as most retail customers are price conscious. If the Digital
    Rebel is priced right it may be a big hit. All the local 1hr photo joints do digital prints, so the
    infrastructure is there to pave the way for most people to make the jump to digital.
    But CAJ is priced too high 3.3 x book value, I'd let it cool off a bit ;)

    Martin Riddle, Aug 21, 2003
  4. Lisa Horton

    CARBUFF Guest

    Elan, or A2E, or EOS 1, there are many more
    I have a rebel 2000.

    Are you interested in going digital?

    I have been digital for a few years. I currently own a canon powershot a10
    which is a great tool for ebay auctions and any kind of computer/web related
    stuff. I send out photo cds to relatives all the time and print out 4x6 prints
    for people all the time using my cheap HP printer. They come out fine.

    What has held you back so far?

    Nothing, Ive been a computer geek for more time than Ive been into photography.

    Does the new Digital Rebel seem like something you realistically might

    Probably not, its still to expensive for my needs. Im hoping it will drive down
    the price of the current used stuff on the market, then I could see myself
    picking up something used.

    How many lenses do you own?

    For the rebel I just have the one original. But I have a canon a-1 with 3
    lensed and Ive been thinking about that cheap kodak zoom that I see all over
    the place for under 60 bucks, for the rebel. I havent been able to find a
    review for it however.

    Do you own a tripod?

    Yes, but I use it for my digital camcorder more than my still cameras.

    Do you own a remote release, cable or IR?

    No, but I want to get one if I can find one cheap on ebay. I do have the aa
    battery pack for my rebel so I can use the nimh sets that I have for my digital
    for the rebel too.

    Answer as few or as many as you please. You are, after all, kind of in
    the spotlight right now.


    I dont know about the logic of targeting a $1000+ camera at a group that bought
    a $300 camera. How about a $500 dslr based on the rebel. That I might buy. Im
    actually thinking of picking up a rebel IV aps body to play with. Looks like a
    neat little gizmo.

    CARBUFF, Aug 21, 2003
  5. Lisa Horton

    The Dave© Guest

    Just curious, but why are you asking?
    The Dave©, Aug 21, 2003
  6. Lisa Horton

    ROBMURR Guest

    For every person who owns an Elan, or A2E, or EOS 1, there are many more
    When the prices come down more, yes.
    large cost of going digital, I would have to toss this PC out
    and start over, then I would want a larger monitor to view on,
    good software costs money, have to get a better printer, the
    ink cartridges are very expensive and dont last long, then
    maybe a film/slide scanner to digitize my old stuff..then theres
    photo paper and then I have to get the digital camera!
    Then I have to spend a lot of time downloading images and
    manipulating them to print them, Then I would need to spend
    more time archiving them...hmmm, slides sure sound simpler...
    ROBMURR, Aug 21, 2003
  7. What business of yours is it what I think ? After all you're usually to busy
    telling other people what they should think !
    Tony Parkinson, Aug 21, 2003
  8. Lisa Horton

    Dallas D Guest

    I'd rather buy a guitar case.

    "I smile mostly everywhere. Well, there's some people might disagree. But
    hey, I'm playin' with the Stones, man. You know, I mean why shouldn't I
    - Keith Richards

    Dallas D, Aug 21, 2003
  9. Lisa Horton

    Hickster0711 Guest

    I don't own a Rebel, but this is one of the few posts about Photography. Being
    a born tinkerer, (genetic defect), digital is very appealing. But the ripples
    scare me to death. If they gave them out for free, I couldn't afford to take
    pictures anymore. My two computers would have to be replaced, my enlarger would
    suddenly be useless, and the cameras would be on ebay for practically nothing.
    Plus the whole process impresses me as mostly a whole lot of waiting. I just
    think it wouldn't be much fun. Bob Hickey
    Hickster0711, Aug 21, 2003
  10. That's uncharacteristically nasty for you, Mr. Parkinson...
    Skip Middleton, Aug 21, 2003
  11. Lisa Horton

    Nighthawk Guest

    I'm a Rebel guy, got it used from a buddy who went digital, it's my
    first Real Camera (tm), I've got 2 lenses, 35-80 and 75-300 a tripod and
    a 2x teleconverter, 3 flashes (two of which are almost useless) and no I
    have no plans on going digital :)
    Nighthawk, Aug 21, 2003
  12. Lisa Horton

    Alan Browne Guest

    So, I don't own a rebel. I'm gonna answer anyway. Stop me! This is a
    thread worth being in...
    You betcha.
    Minolta lens collection.
    Given Minolta's lag in coughing up a DSLR, yes. I mean no ... I
    mean, I want capability on a level with my Maxxum 9.
    2, and a mono
    No, No, not the light..... CARPE NOCTUM
    Alan Browne, Aug 21, 2003
  13. Lisa Horton

    The Dave© Guest

    I always thought she was one of the more reasonable people in here.
    Maybe she never got me, or maybe I wasn't paying attention. There's
    plenty of personality in here, that's for sure. Oh well.
    The Dave©, Aug 21, 2003
  14. Lisa Horton

    dslr Guest

    Well, I own a Rebel - or rather the UK EOS300 version - but haven't
    actually used it for the best part of 2 years, since I bought a D30 and,
    recently, a 10D.

    However, I do think that (from what I've seen) the Digital Rebel is
    likely to be a very good introduction to digital SLRs for many people
    who have been sitting on the fence waiting for something cheaper then
    the 10D.
    As an introductory D-SLR the spec sounds extremely good, and is unlikely
    to disappoint its target market, provided that Canon can keep up with
    dslr, Aug 21, 2003
  15. Lisa Horton

    Nils Rostedt Guest

    I bought the Rebel 2000 (EOS300) three years ago and recently upgraded to
    the EOS 10D. I chose the Rebel over the Elan II mainly because the price
    difference, which I invested in lenses. The aim already then was to switch
    to a digital body as soon an affordable one became available, so I did not
    want to spend money on a soon-to-be-obsolete expensive film body. As it
    happened, I began to feel the limitations of the Rebel, so when the 10D came
    it was the perfect match for my needs.

    If it had become available before the EOS 10D, I would probably have bought
    it. As it is, I appreciate the additional features of the 10D so much that
    I'd be very reluctant now to go back to the Rebel class of camera (and of
    course the digital investement is already done).

    The main limitations of the digital Rebel for me are:
    - Lack of user selectable AF mode
    - No Quick Control dial on the back
    - Question mark about AF speed (no information yet)
    - Question mark about shutter lag ( no information yet).

    The main reason I'd want a digital Rebel over the 10D today is the lighter
    Four, all Canon EF, plus a teleconverter and a set of extension rings.
    No, but I should.
    - Nils
    Nils Rostedt, Aug 21, 2003
  16. Lisa Horton

    Dallas D Guest


    That's richer than a Christmas pudding dripping in Southern Comfort!!

    Are you and Polson related genetically?

    "I smile mostly everywhere. Well, there's some people might disagree. But
    hey, I'm playin' with the Stones, man. You know, I mean why shouldn't I
    - Keith Richards

    Dallas D, Aug 21, 2003
  17. Lisa Horton

    Chris London Guest

    Elan 7 owner, but almost bought a Ti, so I guess that counts...
    Most definitely, although I bought my wife a P&S Canon S45 which does a
    great job and I have a film scanner, so I am sort of already there...
    Price... Plus the fact I still LOVE slides...
    Could bridge the gap between affordability and desire... Definitely want a
    10D, but this one might be easier to convince the wife...
    3, but only because I just sold my entire Pentax collection, including the 5
    lenses I had for it to go on the 2 bodies that went with the collection...
    Yes, 2 of them
    Remote and a cable release
    Chris London, Aug 21, 2003
  18. Lisa Horton

    fruitbat Guest

    In part, surely, but it also has some features that are more

    I looked at the Rebel Ti and the new K2 to compare. The shutter speeds
    on the digital, for example, go down to 1/4000 in 1/3-stop increments,
    unlike the Rebel film line which seem to only go to 1/2000 by
    1/2-stops, and the digital also does exposure compensation at 1/3-stop
    precision. It has 1/200 flash X-sync, too, compared to 1/90 for the
    film Rebels. Is there a reason why these features are easier/more
    critical with digital, or did they just add them to appeal to a buyer
    who's slightly more demanding than the average consumer?

    The mid-range features I've found so far that it doesn't include are a
    second control dial, user AF mode selection, and custom functions like
    mirror lockup... Considering the apparent cost difference between the
    D-Rebel and the D10, those are features I can live without. Of course,
    I'll be able to judge better once a real street price becomes

    fruitbat, Aug 21, 2003
  19. Lisa Horton

    The Dave© Guest

    Price is the determining factor for me. For it to be aimed at me, the
    digital version would have to be the same price as the Rebel.
    Literally. The fact that I'm still not convinced about ultimate
    comparable quality doesn't help.
    Works for me.
    I knew I felt something. ;-)
    The Dave©, Aug 21, 2003
  20. Lisa Horton

    Simon Lee Guest

    I'm not quite the user you had in mind for this survey either, but
    as you said it stimulates discussion... as for owning a Rebel, I got
    an XS back in 1994 as a graduation gift, had it for a while and only
    stopped using it when I got an Elan 7E in 2001. And now I don't
    have a Rebel, as I traded it and a few other things for a 17-40 f/4
    L ;)
    Yes, I was...
    Well, in 1999 I got an Olympus C2000. Price was kinda scary back
    then, but it seemed expedient. Even so, I used the Rebel (and then
    the Elan) for most shooting because even with the nice lens on the
    C2000 the resolution wasn't quite enough. At this point my digital
    kit is a Powershot G3 and an EOS 10D--which I bought once it seemed
    clear that the putative EOS 3D would be longer in coming than
    thought and more than I could reasonably spend. But call it price
    It intrigues me as a possible backup camera, especially if the
    sensor/processing is similar to the 10D's. The Elan is very nice,
    but I can envision myself carrying almost enough film around with me
    for backup purposes as when I used it as my primary camera.
    Actually, I've already done that--which did seem to somewhat defeat
    the purpose of getting the 10D in the first place.
    Five. (Trimmed the collection a bit.)
    Between it and the monopod I've got a four-legged two-headed
    Yes, yes, and yes. Unfortunately the 10D requires that really
    expensive IR adapter or I'd be happier.
    Simon Lee, Aug 22, 2003
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