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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Christopher R, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. What is that donut shaped light that is a sort of light ring around the lens
    I saw this at the DV expo back in December in LA. I am doing some close up
    talking heads in a couple of weeks and wonder if this might be a good light
    to get.

    Also, would it fit a PD-150?
    Christopher R, Aug 21, 2003
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  2. Christopher R

    Bill Davis Guest

    It's either Kino Flo or Lowel (can't recall which) sells them under the
    Kamio lable. (I *think* that's how they spell them.)

    Check the web sites.

    It's a good light for close up facial work. It's pretty flattering to
    faces since it tends to soften wrinkles.

    As do soft boxes since they also spread the source of the light out and
    minimize the sharp cast shadows from smaller sources.

    It's NOT effective, IMO from farther than a very few feet since at longer
    distances it becomes what is essentially a point source.

    It also leaves a signature "ring" reflection in the pupils of subjects
    when you're shooting extreme close ups head on. You may or may not like
    the effect.

    Bottom line is that it's an extremely effective "one hit wonder" that does
    a great job in one specific shooting circumstance. (Very close up - head
    on shots) And if you have an actor worried about "age lines" and you MUST
    shoot a direct on extreme close up, it's a WONDERFUL special purpose tool.

    The professional versions that are color corrected (the Kino Flo) are
    expensive and you can often get alot of the same type of light wrap effect
    with a combination broad source like a Tota and a softbox at a MUCH lower
    price. But by necesity, the softbox solution must be off set from your
    shooting angle so you don't get the same extreme close up "head on" light
    wrap effect.

    If it will physically fit a broadcast lens, it wil undoubtedly physically
    fit the smaller lens diameter of a 150, but you might have trouble
    mounting it. Bring lots of stands, arms, and clamps and rig it as best you

    Hope that helps.
    Bill Davis, Aug 21, 2003
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  3. Christopher R

    MSu1049321 Guest

    I hate the "goat eyes" look this gives people in closeups.
    MSu1049321, Aug 22, 2003
  4. Bill Farnsworth recently posted a description of a similar light he made
    out of a piece of foam core and a light rope. You might want to look that
    up. Much cheaper and possibly better for your purposes.

    brian a. henderson, Aug 24, 2003
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