Lightoom 1.2 Splitting RAW and JPEG View, driving me crazy!!!

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by DemonTraitor, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. DemonTraitor

    DemonTraitor Guest

    I am trying out Lightroom as a complete workflow solution and it is
    hurting my head already!

    I have imported some photos and am viewing them in Library > Grid
    view. Lightroom has decided to stack (auto stacking is not on) two
    photos together because they have the same name - IMG001.CR2 +
    IMG001.JPG. These photos are completely different (the CR2 image is a
    duck, and the JPG image is a cat!!) and I cannot see anyway I can
    split them up, Lightroom is only allowing me to view/edit the CR2
    image!! How do I separate these files???

    Also, while I am here... All my photos are organised in YEAR > DATE
    folder (2007\2007 10 09 etc). When viewing a certain folder I want to
    be able to filter on keywords in that folder, but when I select a
    keyword from the "Keyword Tags" menu Lightroom returns every single
    photo in my entire collection with that keyword! I also want to be
    able to view and edit RAW and JPEG files in a similar way, but when
    selecting RAW only files in the "Metadata Browser" I get all the RAW
    files in my collection! Should I just stick with Adobe Bridge, this
    handles everything perfectly, and allows me to work only in the
    I have selected.

    Thank you

    DemonTraitor, Oct 16, 2007
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  2. DemonTraitor

    Joel Guest

    I don't think we can help you with head problem, "Head On" may do?
    Because I am old and slow so to avoid paying catching up with younger
    folks on retouching world, so before CS3 was released I bought the LightRoom
    to give me a head start, but because I don't like the slowness displaying
    (comparing to ARC) so I have only messing around with LightRoom few short
    months before I was so sick (health problem not sick of LightRoom) to toy
    with it to have much experience (just some general).

    But I am very sure that LightRoom supports *both* RAR formats and JPG (as
    well as TIFF and may be others?). So you shoudn't have any problem opening
    and adjusting either RAW or JPG.

    If the 2 same filename confuse you then you can always "rename" them to 2
    different filenames.
    I know many programs have many fancy options, but I am old and slow so I
    just display the way Windows Explorer does and it serves me well. Or I can

    - Sort by filename's

    - Sort by Date's

    - Sort By Type's

    I read LightRoom has option to sort by RATING but I don't use this option
    to know small detail (except you rate the image then select the option), but
    I think you should be able to find more detail from HELP FILE (?). I saw
    the option from some free video tutorial.
    Joel, Oct 16, 2007
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