LightWave 7.5 - Character Builder (4 DVD Set)

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Class on Demand News, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. LightWave 7.5 - Character Builder (4 DVD Set)
    Taught by industry expert, Dan Ablan.

    This highly informative tutorial is available to order at:

    CALL (847) 843-9939, FAX (847) 843-9929
    OR E-MAIL:

    (4 DVD Set = Currently $169.99)

    Twelve-year LightWave animation veteran, author and trainer, Dan Ablan
    puts it all together o­n a 4 DVD set! Character Builder teaches you
    all the steps necessary for creating digital characters.

    This set of tutorials includes:

    Disc 1
    * How to model your own digital character using
    subpatch modeling techniques
    * Proper surface identification
    * How to work with layers
    * Building bodies with simple clothing (Part 1)

    Approimate Run Time: 102 Minutes

    Disc 2
    * Building bodies with simple clothing (Part 2)
    * Preparation of animation
    * Intro to Character Rigging
    * Weighting techniques (Part 1)

    Approximate Run Time: 103 Minutes

    Disc 3
    * Weighting techniques (Part 2)
    * Bone weights
    * Point weights
    * How to rig ro skelegons
    * Skelegons to bones in layout

    Approximate Run Time: 106 Minutes

    Disc 4
    * Intro
    * Eyeball set-up
    * Keyframing characters
    * Motion Mixer for Non-Linear Animation
    * How to light and render a character scene
    * Endomorphs

    Approximate Run Time: 117 Minutes
    Class on Demand News, Jul 7, 2003
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