Lightweight Tripod

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Paul Giverin, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Paul Giverin

    Paul Giverin Guest

    I've got a cheapy tripod which does me for most things and which is fine
    if I'm travelling by car but this year I would like to take a tripod
    with me on a couple of trips abroad when I am flying.

    Obviously weight and size are an issue here and I'm looking to buy a
    lightweight tripod. I've been looking at a Slik Compact XL which weighs
    in at only 670gms (compared to the 1400gms of my cheapy tripod). It is
    only 390mm long. The trade off is that it only extends to 1.1 metre high
    but I can live with that. Details here:-

    Is Slik a half decent brand? Are there any other tripods of similar
    weight and size I should be considering? I really don't want to be
    spending more than £50.

    Paul Giverin, Jun 11, 2007
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  2. Paul Giverin

    Rob Morley Guest

    I got the slightly smaller Slik Compact Tripod (i.e. not the XL model) a
    while back. Pros: small, light, reasonable quality materials (and
    claims to be made in Japan), better than not having a tripod in some
    situations. Cons: small, light, flexible (but not rickety), twist
    collars are more fiddly than lever cams, the rubber feet aren't very
    securely attached.
    As it cost a tenner delivered (on eBay) I'm happy with it - if I was
    looking to spend £50 I might consider the Manfrotto MODO Mini/Maxi
    (lever cams, QR plate, ball head, available on eBay for £45 delvered).
    A quick look on eBay also comes up with the Slik Sprint Mini which looks
    quite interesting at £35 delivered.
    Rob Morley, Jun 11, 2007
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  3. Paul Giverin

    Paul Giverin Guest

    Thanks for that Rob. Its certainly given me a few options.
    Paul Giverin, Jun 11, 2007
  4. Paul Giverin

    Mark Dunn Guest

    Can that Manfrotto really be rigid enough? I've used Manfrottos, of course,
    but only the ones made out of girders. It'd be handier with a spirit level,
    Mark Dunn, Jun 12, 2007
  5. Paul Giverin

    Paul Giverin Guest

    I suppose when going for a small, lightweight tripod, there is going to
    be a trade off .
    Paul Giverin, Jun 12, 2007
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