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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Mark Thomas, May 15, 2008.

  1. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Just a quick reminder to 'someone' who made claims about the ease of
    creating linear panoramas. I would strongly suggest that 'someone' gets
    in now and shows how it is done. Or be highly embarrassed by what follows...

    Just to clarify, a 'linear' panorama is one where you relocate the
    camera for each shot, in other words, you don't just rotate it around a
    single point on a tripod...

    The linear panorama technique can be applied to scenes which do *not*
    have a lot of close, middle and long distance detail that might overlap.

    You might use a linear panorama, for example, as you walked along a row
    of townhouse frontages, or maybe those cute coloured
    beach-shed-thingies in Melbourne, or a long wall with a mural or covered
    in graffiti..

    The sort of scene that linear panoramas are NOT suitable for, is shown here:

    You'll notice that there are multiple objects that have 'realigned'
    between shots, and the parallax problems would be virtually impossible
    to deal with in a sensible way, especially in all those masts and boat
    hulls. (If anyone wants the entire series of shots as I walked along
    that road, you have but to ask nicely..)

    However.. 'someone' here has said that they *can* create a panorama from
    exactly those images - and yet when asked to prove their skill, they ran
    away... Well, never mind.
    (Jeff R may wish to repost the link, in order to properly embarrass the

    I'll be back shortly to give more examples of the different types of
    panoramas and invite discussion on techniques, but in the meantime,
    perhaps the 'someone' might like to respond, and show us how to make a
    usable linear panorama from the sample images shown, or his own chosen

    And if anyone else has done any linears recently, or any panoramas at
    all, perhaps you might like to share them? I'll be back later, but I
    won't post any of mine just yet, in order to give 'someone' a chance to
    get in first....

    In the meantime, some further-reading type links:
    (^ needs Quicktime) _scene1.html
    (^ commercial, but interesting examples)

    ....and I just can't wait to see Doug's!

    Mark Thomas, May 15, 2008
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  2. Mark Thomas

    Jeff R. Guest

    Might you be referring to this one?
    Interested parties should note the grey box at lower left containing the
    absolutely accurate copyright disclaimer.
    The box that was there since day 1 of posting.

    Isn't this funny.
    I was -just now- in the process of preparing a similar refutation of
    "someone's" impossible claims, but you beat me to it.

    Some more details:
    - Don't forget that a 50mm lens on a Panasonic FZ50 yields a "medium wide"
    angle in 35mm terms.
    - Don't forget to be impressed by his "dual CPU PC with 5 Meg of RAM".
    I'll bet it "labours under the strain" ...of *booting*!
    - Note the "rise in the path" in the two images. *That'll* make merging
    - Note that a Panasonic FZ50 in portrait orientation is going to produce
    images suitable to blow up to 9 feet high! Wow. He must have pretty cool
    enlargement algorithm(s). :)

    Above all else, note the arrogance and the childish, rude name-calling
    ("wannabe", "stupid", "idiotic", "goons", etc.) employed by this individual,
    and the rather strange reluctance to prove us all wrong by simply posting a
    copy of the image he is bragging about.

    Bring it on, I say.
    Jeff R., May 15, 2008
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