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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Jeff, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Anyone have an idea what local newspapers are likely to pay to publish


    Jeff, Jul 4, 2003
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  2. Jeff

    Mike Hunter Guest

    Damn all.

    If you want your name against the photo - you have to pay THEM !!!!

    Mike Hunter, Jul 4, 2003
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  3. Jeff

    Mike Guest


    The NUJ guidelines can be found here. I have found them to be a useful guide
    and negotiating baseline


    In my experience you will be lucky to reach these rates unless you have
    something special in which case you would be contacting the nationals and
    not local papers :0)


    Mike French, Meonshore Studios Limited
    Freelance Photography and New Media
    web: www.meonshorestudios.co.uk
    Mike, Jul 5, 2003
  4. Jeff

    Neil Barker Guest

    That's not really a question that I can answer without you quantifying
    what it is that you'd want the paper to publish and how important it might
    be to the paper publishing it.

    In general, though, for 'run of the mill' stuff then you're looking at
    20-30 quid/pic but that's a very vague generalisation based on what I'd do
    at my newspaper. We tend to commission freelances on the basis of per job,
    not per picture - do a day's work of 4-5 jobs and you'd be clearing about
    100 quid or so, plus expenses. You won't get rich submitting the odd pic to
    local newspapers, whoever they are, though.

    However, anything 'earth shattering', you'd be better of approaching
    nationals, as they have the budgets and the space for that sort of thing. A
    pic of a UFO piloted by Elvis Presley, landing on the Loch Ness Monster
    should earn you enough to retire on once syndicated....
    Neil Barker, Jul 5, 2003
  5. Jeff

    John Bean Guest

    Bloody hell Neil, I wish I knew that before I deleted that very image
    to make room on the CF for a pic of Lord Lucan riding Shergar. Didn't
    like the composition though so I deleted that as well. Err... any jobs
    John Bean, Jul 5, 2003
  6. Jeff

    Neil Barker Guest

    Tut tut tut.

    As I tell my photographers, "The picture editor wants your pictures, not
    your excuses...."

    Pah ! To someone who deletes such a cracking, world-shattering image ?


    Well actually, in about 4 months, quite possibly we'll be looking to expand
    photographic a tad, if all goes to plan.
    Neil Barker, Jul 5, 2003
  7. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Thanks Neil (& others)

    I didnt expect to get rich from it, its just that I took some shots of a
    National chess event played locally where the local team were runners up and
    received their prize from almost local MP Tony Banks, so its not earth
    shattering but has enough points of interest to be worth printing. At least
    the paper thinks so.

    I told them that I would be happy to receive their normal rates, whatever
    they are, so I thought I'd check to see what its likely to be, before I
    break open the champagne! £20-25 per pic was the kind of figure I had in my
    head which you have confirmed.

    Jeff, Jul 5, 2003
  8. Jeff

    Mike Hunter Guest

    Hoorayyyyyyy !!!
    Got a photo credit in the local rag this week !!!
    Still no chance of a payment though.

    From what others have said, I think there are two sorts of local
    newspapers - real ones and those owned by newscorp.

    A large part of our weekly local is made up of syndicated stuff and stories
    from the other papers owned by the same mob. Rather than go out and look for
    news, they seem to expect interested parties to provide it for free :
    similarly with photos - they no longer have their own photographer and pick
    up stuff from the daily evening paper in nearby Southampton.

    Its driving our mayor round the bend - people invite him to attend their
    functions in order to gain some publicity for their good causes, only to
    have it totally ignored by the rag. Even him giving the paper a weekly diary
    has not helped.

    Must stop ranting - sorry

    Mike Hunter, Jul 11, 2003
  9. (snip - too depressing to quote again)

    LOL, Mike, you call that a rant? Working journos and snappers have been
    saying the same thing for years on the consolidation of media ownership in
    fewer and fewer bean counting corporate hands. To them, the only thing a
    "chapel" is good for is to pray in - preferably journos and the odd snapper
    in that "chapel" praying to keep their jobs for another few months!

    Why work, say "they", when we can buy in a few stories, smear some paper
    with ink, and milk that for everything we can across the breath and width of
    our stable of newspapers? Why bother with pesky things like staff - who,
    after all, will actually demand to be paid decent wages - when there is a
    whole raft of part-timers and freelancers out there hungry enough to
    practically GIVE us everything we can print? Why bother with truly local
    news and events when they really won't fit in with our "image" as (choose
    one or more...) wannabe regional, national or international news

    Hell, we can get all the pictures we need, say "they", from Rex Features
    (and other picture agencies) - so why bother with local photographs and
    photographers (unless they GIVE us their work for free - or beg us to use
    it - preferably BOTH!) If they don't have what we want, at the price we
    want, and the terms we want, and it is not available as stock photography -
    well - we probably don't need it anyway! Damn those locals (say "they"), and
    for reasons "they" can not understand even their employees, who only want to
    play games and not give "them" "world-wide rights" "for all time" "in any
    media". And, those damn journos and snappers, say "they", actually have the
    balls to demand "moral rights" too! Tut! Tut! We should not be using
    anything unless it is "all rights" for a single payment say "they" - why
    bother? Unless we can buy it in cheep with "all rights", and use it 'til the
    image fades from old age, we don't need it!

    You want a rant Mike? There are a few of us out here that can give you a
    REAL rant on the subject.

    LOL - that you got a picture credit is payment enough? The hell it is! I'd
    have been inclined to tear it up in front of their eyes and deposit it on
    their office floor.

    PS: No offense to Neil Barker - he knows I am right. "...We tend to
    commission freelances on the basis of per job, not per picture - do a day's
    work of 4-5 jobs and you'd be clearing about100 quid or so, plus
    expenses...." But, what Neil also KNOWS is true, and what he doesn't say, is
    that that same freelancer, after non-reimbursed expenses, after taxes, after
    paying his business expenses and equipment replacements and upgrades, and
    the rest, might be clearing - what? - £5 grand a year?

    As for writers...not to be left out here, well, think a penny a word (and if
    you are lucky a by-line - Whoop-de-f**king-doo! - by-lines don't put food on
    the table) from some of the publications. And they want in exchange? All
    rights, for all time, in any media!

    journalist-north, Jul 11, 2003
  10. Jeff

    T P Guest

    Good for you, Journalist!

    Excellent post, accurate (sadly) in *every* respect.

    As a freelancer, I did a lot of work over the last two years for a
    publishing group that owns several regional and local newspaper
    titles, mostly for very low rates (or for free). I hoped I would be
    able to establish regular ongoing business with better rates ... they
    were interested only in regular ongoing business for next to nothing.

    When I declined their 'kind offer', the picture editor told me he had
    over a dozen freelancers who would do the work at less than a third of
    the price I asked. He admitted that the quality of my work was
    significantly better but wasn't interested in paying more for it.

    I could not make a reasonable living at *my* price let alone *theirs*!

    I believe that newspapers and magazines are increasingly working on
    the basis that they only need to supply a small quantity of low
    quality editorial in order to sell lots of copies that contain vast
    amounts of hugely profitable advertising.

    T P, Jul 12, 2003
  11. -----------


    On the subject of social responsibility and writers / photographers...

    After my rant on creative rights and payment for work that sees publication,
    and that is what it was, I do feel it necessary to qualify (it) just a tad
    bit. For a publication which is truly small and local, in some cases, and
    often, little more then a newsletter, struggling to get started; or,
    established over time but providing a community information service and with
    a modest cover price [sometimes even free distribution]; often just barely
    covering production and distribution costs - I am inclined to contribute
    something free or "at cost" (maybe expenses only - if that) and I feel that
    is a social duty falling on both photographers and writers.

    There, a picture credit or by-line, if that is all they can afford,
    establishes you as being in touch with, and a part of, your own local
    community, and provides an opportunity to put something back into it in a
    very direct and personal way. You support, in this way, not only your
    community, but everyone's right to publish, and, everyone's right to free
    speech. "Megapress International News Corp" should NEVER be allowed to
    totally dominate the news and information available to the public.

    I have consulted (FREE!) in some cases on picture editing, picture quality
    and pre-press colour control; page layout; overall pre-press preparation and
    pre-flighting for publication; even when these pubs have no need of, or room
    for, additional writing or photos, but do have quality or production issues.
    In those cases I do not ask for either payment OR credits.

    As they grow so can you.

    But, I do draw the line at "Megapress International..." asking for the same

    journalist-north, Jul 12, 2003
  12. Jeff

    T P Guest

    Agree 100%.

    I edit, lay out and illustrate a local newsletter for free, because
    otherwise it could never be published. It has a circulation of about
    3500 - up from 1500 when I took over three years ago. The 70p cover
    price covers the cost of printing and distribution plus occasional
    payments for exceptional articles.
    T P, Jul 13, 2003
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