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Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by news, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. news

    news Guest

    hi can someone help with a logo. We want to change the logo to say Ultra
    Spec Cables. the link is http://www.fibercables.com/download/ultra.jpg

    or maybe change it and make a whole new logo altogether with the same
    concept a USA flag design and company name Ultra Spec Cables

    Please direct me to the correct newsgroup if this is not the one, i know
    someone had helped us once in here but it was years ago.

    news, Feb 4, 2010
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  2. Ultra Spec is obviously a real company, with a real advertising and
    marketing budget. Expect to pay a few thousand dollars to have a logo
    redesign accomplished, along with all the requisite files, support,
    documentation, usage parameters, etc.

    Do not expect someone to provide a usable logo via a newsgroup, for
    nothing. And besides, a .jpg logo is just about useless other than for
    showing people what your logo looks like.
    Bill Idgerant, Feb 4, 2010
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  3. that looks like a great design, thanks. I am still open to ideas. I am
    currently looking into getting something printed such as coffee mugs,
    business cards etc. Our logo is so old and outdated. I appreciate the help
    though. Thanks
    Michelle Support Team, Feb 4, 2010
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