Looking for Simple Photo Album Software

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Frederick, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Frederick

    Voivod Guest

    It appears it could be done with tin foil and a knock-knock joke...
    Voivod, Aug 23, 2011
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  2. Frederick

    mike fee Guest

    You can do almost precisely this with irfanview, which is a free
    Go to the thumbnails display page and navigate to your folder, then
    "File/Create contact sheet from selected files..."
    This opens up a detailed box that lets you choose how many images to put
    on each page, rows, columns, the dimensions of the contact sheet in
    pixels, background colour, file details (you can choxe, name, directory,
    image dimensions, date of imnage etc, etc to your hearts content. Also
    lets you add similar info and text to header and footer for each page.
    Each contact sheet is created as a jpeg, or bmp or whatever you want.

    The only manual labour required from your part would be to navigate to
    each folder and select the images you want on each contact sheet. If
    that is still too much hard work then it may be possible to do it all
    with a little scripting language and the command-line facility of
    irfanview (althouigh I haven't investigated that).

    Irfanview is extremely useful for a whole bunmch of things. I use
    Photoshop for major image editing and manipulation, but Iview for simple
    resizing, rotate, contact sheets, crop, slideshow and for viewing almost
    _any_ type of still image file.

    mike fee, Aug 23, 2011
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  3. Frederick

    Kele Guest

    irfanview navigate > File > Thumbnails

    I did what "mike fee" laid out below. That's an EZ way to get a bunch of
    pics on a page with full file location path ($D) displayed below each
    image - very clean. The web method can be made to look like irfanview's
    Contact Sheet but also each thumbnail can be a link to its respective full
    size image (file). Hmm, I wonder... Using the contact sheet made via
    irfanview, opened it into FrontPage and drew Hotspots (links) over each
    thumbnail pointing to the full sized image location. Saved the single web
    page.htm and it opens in a web browser and works like a champ so long as the
    full size images location(s) can be accessed. Here's a long sentence: If
    all images were contained in one folder (or a tier of folders) and brought
    into FrontPage, and the single contact sheet web page.htm was also saved to
    that folder containing the images, that folder and functionality of the web
    page.htm (contact sheet with functioning HotSpot links) is self contained
    and can be shared off the originating computer/network. It took longer to
    write this than it did to make it in FrontPage and try it out. I could
    subsequently FTP the folder to some Internet web space and share the web
    page.htm URL with others to see it as I do.

    Another thing I like about irfanview is that it can strip EXIF data (date,
    what camera I used) from photos without loosing quality via irfanview's JPG
    Kele, Aug 24, 2011
  4. Frederick

    Carrie Guest

    This is good to know.
    Carrie, Aug 24, 2011
  5. Frederick

    talker Guest

    Big Fred, I don't know if you want a free program or if you wouldn't
    mind paying for one, but if you don't mind paying for one, then maybe
    try ComPuPic. http://www.photodex.com/compupic

    I used an older version of it and it did exactly what you are trying
    to do. With my old version, I would just click on "Contact Sheet" and
    in the window that popped up, you would select how many columns and
    rows you wanted, you typed in a header and footer, then clicked
    "Create" and it would create a contact sheet with the file names
    listed under each picture, header name and footer name.

    I liked it and used it a lot, but when I got this new 64 bit computer,
    that older version didn't work. (I was using it with Windows XP). I
    haven't had any need for it so far so I haven't tried out the newer
    version of it. The newer version sells for $49.95.

    talker, Aug 25, 2011
  6. Frederick

    tony cooper Guest

    I use CS4, but I keep Photoshop 7 on my computer just for this
    purpose. There might be a way to print contact sheets in CS4, but
    it's so simple in 7 that I never bothered to learn how in CS4.
    tony cooper, Aug 25, 2011
  7. Frederick

    Frederick Guest

    Thank you for all your suggestions. Except one, anyway.
    I have looked at the apps suggested (except PS CS4 which I don't
    have), and they all seem to do the job of producing contact sheets,
    with varying degrees of simplicity.

    None, however, will do more than one folder of jpegs at a time (?).
    Long ago, I created a disk-storage design consisting of several
    'category' folders, each of which contain varying numbers of 'subject'
    sub-folders, each of which contain varying numbers 'identification
    sub-sub-folders containing actual jpeg and bmap pics. That made
    locating a particular pic, or set of pics, quite simple, for me
    anyway, but now that I want to provide an overview to others, that
    appears to have been a mistake.

    I thought to provide printed pages of thumbnail-type images of my pics
    to people who have no access to a computer, and in a .pdf file
    (readily read by free Adobe) for those that do. I thought that free
    Picasa did a nice job of displaying multiple folders of pics, but it,
    like others, seem only to print single folders of pics. At least that
    was what I found.

    I can copy-paste and resize individual pics into MSWord pages (which I
    then intend to convert to .pdf files) with titles and footers, but
    that is turning out to be tricky and tedious.

    Well, that's my story.

    Thanks for your interests and helps.

    Big Fred
    Frederick, Aug 25, 2011
  8. Frederick

    Carrie Guest

    I have CS3 and print contact sheets. I just set them up (take out the
    text layers if I don't want the names on under them) and print.
    Carrie, Aug 26, 2011
  9. Frederick

    Frederick Guest


    I downloaded, installed, and tried a demo version 6.2 of compupic pro.
    I must be blind, but I could not find a 'contact sheet' to click on.
    Sorry to be a pest, but what is the path to it?

    Big Fred
    Frederick, Aug 26, 2011
  10. Frederick

    talker Guest

    Launch ComPuPic, then go to the folder that has the pictures in it
    that you want to make a contact sheet for. Once you have the folder
    open that contains the pictures, go to the top where you see the icons
    "Exit"....."Print"...."E-Mail"....etc., and click on "Picture Index".
    They call it a picture index instead of a contact sheet.

    talker, Aug 27, 2011
  11. Frederick

    talker Guest

    Sorry, the icon at the top that you need to click on says "Pict.
    Index". I forgot that they abbreviated picture to pict.

    Once you click on Pict. Index, you will get a opo up window that
    allows you to set the number of columns and rows, the spacing between
    the pictures, the naming of the header and footer for each thumbnail
    as well as for the page (if you leave the setting alone for the
    thumbnail footer, [the \F setting], the index will insert the file
    name for each picture. automatically).

    In that pop up window, under the "Output Format", if you check the box
    that says "Files", then click on the "File" button, you can select a
    number of things, including, what color background you want, or you
    can select an image to use as the background.

    talker, Aug 27, 2011
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