looking for tips on distributing source from 4 cam shoot for edit in Premiere Pro 1.5 across drives

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Dave Kowalski, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. (I searched the FAQ before posting this)

    I am going to do a 4 camera edit soon and I was wondering about how to
    distribute, if at all, the source files (DV captured via firewire) on my
    for the most efficiency.

    First let me say that I never have any technical problems with my setup,
    (Dell 2.4Ghz P4, 1 gig RAM, 3 internal IDE drives, 7200rpm 120's)..
    and I usually have 4 streams at once coming from just one drive (not the
    system drive) and there is rarely a stutter.. of course I never have a
    client in the room, until this time..I also have firewire and USB 2 drives
    galore and sometimes captiure to, and read from them as well, still never a
    problem. This is why I have no way of judging which is the best way.....

    This is why I draw upon of the pool of expertise for advice on what's the
    best way to service this project because the client will be there at all
    times and I'd like it to go as smoothly as possible........

    Would it be better for me to split them across drives, or just allocate the
    previews elsewhere, and keep the source from 1 drive?

    Thanks for any and all help.,
    Dave Kowalski
    Dave Kowalski, Mar 22, 2005
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  2. It looks like you should be fine. Drives of that size and speed typically
    have throughput much higher than 4 a/v streams (I'd have to know which
    drives they were specifically to check).

    That's IF you are staying in the computer. Neither firewire nor USB 2.0 is
    fast enough to handle much more than 1 (maybe two) a/v streams at a time.

    Having said that I have worked with enough customers to have learned this
    "Have a reason ready now because something will break". I've been
    programming computers for over 14 years and I have yet to get through a
    customer demo without something going awry. So just plan on it and be ready
    for it.

    Tom P.
    Henry Padilla, Mar 22, 2005
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