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    Early Visual Media goes Modern
    Announcing Loretta Lux - Imaginary Portraits - An Aperture publication,
    Please forward this e-mail to author's and publishers.

    Dear Visual Media visitors,

    This first monograph on German photographer Loretta Lux (1969) offers
    some of today's most alienated children portraits.
    In spite of these heavily manipulated images, Loretta Lux creates a
    dreamlike world of both wonderful and eerie children, inspired by
    historical portraiture.

    For further reading on these Uncanny but Charming portraits goto Visual
    Media publication page announcing also a currently running and coming
    Loretta Lux exhibition.

    Follow the links to enjoy more of these heavily manipulated photographs
    into Heavenly Children Portraits.

    Coming soon on Visual-Media publication page: (TATE exhibition already
    introduced in relation to Dr. Mervyn Heard's PHANTASMAGORIA book)
    - Two exhibition catalogues on the Gothic Horror theme in Art.

    Fuseli - The Wild Swiss (Kunsthaus Zürich, 2005) Finished.
    Gothic Nightmares - Fuseli, Blake and the Romantic Imagination (TATE
    Britain, 2006) Running.

    More to come in the not too-distant future:

    Eadward Muybridge - The Kingston Museum Bequest (Stephen Herbert, 2004)

    Cinema Before Cinema - The origins of Scientific Cinemathography +
    DVD(Virgilio Tosi, 2005)
    Early Cinema - From Factory Gate to Dream Factory (Simon Popple & Joe
    Kember, 2004)
    Moving Image Technology - From Zoetrope to Digital (Leo Enticknap,
    The Invention of the Model - Artists and Models in Paris, 1830 - 1870
    (Susan Waller, 2003)
    Prints Abound - Paris in the 1890S (Phillip Dennis Cate, 2000)
    And more to come, please regularly visit the publication page.

    Best greetings,


    Request for review books & Video/DVD
    'Early Visual Media' is a non-commercial, informative & historical web
    site. For this, the publication page guides you via e-mail addresses
    and links to informative and historical sources in books, video, DVD,
    etc. From these peripheral web sources, publications can be purchased
    without interference of Early Visual Media.

    Send Books, Magazine & DVD suggestions too:

    Only significant and rather "new" publications will be included after
    both, the approval and the receive of one copy of available versions of
    an edition. (both, hardback & paperback)

    Relevant subject matter are:
    pre-cinema - optical toys - early photography & modern photography
    influenced by vintage techniques - nitrate film - vintage television -
    conjuring arts - illusions - apparitions - dance of death - physique
    amusante - circus - popular visual arts - cabaret & vaudeville - street
    performers - extraordinary productions, events and occurrences - etc

    Please forward this e-mail to authors and publishers.
    Fantasmagore, Feb 18, 2006
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