Lowest Noise Point and Shoot?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by N.E.1., Sep 21, 2003.

  1. N.E.1.

    N.E.1. Guest

    Does anyone have any idea which Point and Shoot model has the absolute best
    picture quality? Not just pixel count but lowest noise. My Canon 10D is
    incredible for picture quality but it's seriously lacking in portability.
    Although I'd rather lug around my 10D than take a crummy-quality picture
    with a more convenient camera. Even the picture output of Canon's new G5 is
    lame in comparison. It appears that all of the manufacturers are in a
    pissing contest over pixel count and ignoring development of cameras that
    actually take *quality* pictures. The difference between the 10D and the G5
    (and all other Point and Shoots that I've run across) is like the difference
    between 35mm and Large Format. Does any manufacturer advertise that their
    small camera has the lowest noise, best picture quality or largest imaging
    sensor? Thanks for all replies!

    N.E.1., Sep 21, 2003
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  2. N.E.1.

    Alfred Molon Guest

    The Olympus 4040 has quite a low noise level at ISO 100 (even lower than
    the noise level of the Canon G2 at ISO 100).
    The Sony 707 also has a relatively low noise level, but is more bulky.
    Alfred Molon, Sep 21, 2003
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  3. N.E.1.

    Tore Lund Guest

    You might find something of interest in this thread at dpreview:

    Tore Lund, Sep 21, 2003
  4. N.E.1.

    Lyle Gordon Guest

    What about a 35mm P&S it rivals the quality of a 10D (easily) and the
    portability of a small noisy digital. A olympus stylus epic loaded with fuji
    reala is hard to beat.
    Lyle Gordon, Sep 22, 2003
  5. N.E.1.

    Steve Young Guest

    Why not a Canon 300D? A bit smaller and lighter than the 10D, noise levels
    much lower than any similarly priced point and shoot, plus the added benefit
    of using your current 10D lenses. Now a question myself. Out of curiosity,
    has anyone tried the new 300D 'kit' lens on a 10D?
    Steve Young, Sep 22, 2003
  6. N.E.1.

    Todd Walker Guest

    The 18-55 is an EF-S lens which will not work on the 10D. The rear
    element of the lens protrudes into the mirror box too much and the
    mirror would contact it. I assume Canon took the necessary precautions
    to prevent the EF-S lenses from physically mounting on an EF mount.

    Todd Walker
    Canon 10D:
    My Digital Photography Weblog:
    Todd Walker, Sep 22, 2003
  7. N.E.1.

    Don Stauffer Guest

    Some manufacturers give you their noise specs, others do not. With the
    standard silicon CCD chip, there is not that much difference in noise on
    chips, though usually bigger (larger area chip) is better. Another
    determinor is lens f/#. Faster the lens, lower the noise can be. At
    least, without pushing to too slow a shutter speed.
    Don Stauffer, Sep 22, 2003
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