LR 5 not playing nice with OnOne

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by PeterN, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    I am using LR5. When I open an image as a smart object in cc, Perfect
    Resize does not open. I get ascript not available message.
    If i try to resize the image in LR, Perfect resize starts, but no image
    appears. Perfect Resie works fine if I open the image directly in CC.
    Has anyone else had that issue. If not, I will call OnOne tomorrow.
    PeterN, Feb 16, 2014
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  2. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    OK! Which is it, are you trying to use Perfect Resize from LR, or are
    you exporting from LR to CC to open as a Smart Object?
    ....or does this only happen if you go to Perfect Resize as a SO.

    So the time has come to experiment.
    You might also want to check your LR5 Plug-In Manager as each element
    of the Perfect Suite has to be active. You might have Perfect Resize
    installed in LR, but not active.
    I am still using Perfect Photo Suite 6 (it still works fine with LR5
    and CC) PPS6 uses Perfect Resize 7.0.7.

    If I go to File->Plug-In Extras->Perfect Photo Suite the selected LR
    Virtual Copy opens as a PSD in PPS6. I go to Resize and all works as it
    should, with the resized result saved back to LR5. No CC, or SO
    As SO or just a regular layer?

    I have just run Perfect Resize 7 on CC on a regular layer and a new
    layer converted to SO without issue.

    However, if from LR5 I select "Open as a Smart Object in Photoshop" I
    get the Perfect Resize not available message.
    If I go from LR5 to edit in CC as a 16-bit TIFF and immediately convert
    the initial background layer to a SO, I get the same Perfect Resize not
    available message. The same is true if I open as a SO from ACR, or if I
    convert any JPEG/TIFF/PSD background layer to SO.

    So it appears that Perfect resize does not play well when you start
    with a SO as background layer, whether from LR5, ACR, or a
    JPEG/TIFF/PSD background layer converted to Smart Object.

    Therefore I would just use Perfect Resize directly in LR, or via CC as
    an external editor. and if you want to use it on a SO in CC create a
    new layer above the Background Layer and convert that to a SO. For it
    to work it appears that you need an intact background layer.
    Otherwise if that is something which still troubles you with your
    particular version of PPS you should give them a call.
    Savageduck, Feb 16, 2014
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  3. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    Open in CC as a smart object. I get a script cannot be found error.
    Open with from LR, PR opens, no image appears.
    Open direct with CC, all is well.
    there may be some fundemental reason why PR doesn't work directly from LR.
    PeterN, Feb 16, 2014
  4. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    PR7 as part of PPS5 works fine from LR5 for me, even when using a Virtual Copy.

    Did you check your LR5 Plug-In Manager?
    Each element of the Perfect Suite has to be active. You might have
    Perfect Resize installed in LR, but not active.

    Perhaps a reinstall is in order??
    Savageduck, Feb 17, 2014
  5. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    This is PR 8.
    I will call OnOne and let you know.
    It could also be a memory issue. I have also been having graphics card
    issues. I need a new graphics card to run dual monitors.
    PeterN, Feb 17, 2014
  6. PeterN

    Guest Guest

    4. Supports basic SmartObjects in a layered file when the SmartObject
    is not the selected layer. The Perfect Resize algorithm is not used
    when resizing a SmartObject, masks or text layers.
    Guest, Feb 17, 2014
  7. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    There you go. A straight forward explanation from nospam.
    Congratulations and thanks for that. I suspected as much, but you never

    Though I found PR7 seems to work fine on a SO layer even when opened on
    the SO layer. At least it did when I ran my personal test provoked by
    this thread.
    Savageduck, Feb 17, 2014
  8. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    Have you solved this problem yet?

    I think I might have discovered the problem.
    For the last 10 days or so I have been getting promotional emails from
    OnOne trying to get me to upgrade from my antique Perfect Photo Suite 5
    to PPS8. I have been ignoring these unti about 200 minutes ago when I
    decided to read what they were offering.

    They want to sell me the PPS 8 upgrade for $79.95, which is reasonable
    I guess. Until I read further to see that PPS 8 is not optimized to
    work on PS CS5/CS6/or CC!! To get that you have to buy the PPS 8
    *Premium Edition*!! For that the upgrade is $89.95 and the initial
    purchase $149.99.

    The fine print from the promotion:
    "This edition of Perfect Photo Suite 8 works as a standalone
    application and as a plug-in to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop Elements,
    And Apple Aperture.
    If you need Photoshop CC/CS5/CS6 integration, get the Premium Edition
    for $149."

    So the question should be; do you have the standard version of Perfect
    Photo Suite 8, or do you have the *Premium Edition*?

    My PPS version 6 still works fine with the exception of the open as a
    Smart Object glitch.
    Savageduck, Feb 27, 2014
  9. PeterN

    Tony Cooper Guest

    If he has Perfect Photo Suite 8, he will automatically get the Premium
    Edition at no charge. I just opened CS6 and there was a pop-up that
    led to installing the Premium Edition in all covered products. No
    charge. It's a free upgrade.

    8 does not work like NIK does as a drop-down from the Filter tab. It's
    opened through Automate. 8 then works outside of CS6, but the saved
    changes revert to CS6 when accepted and show as a layer in the CS6

    Kinda strange, but the result is as if it was working inside CS6.
    Tony Cooper, Feb 27, 2014
  10. PeterN

    Tony Cooper Guest

    I am confused by Peter's statement. He's referring to LR, but a file
    is not opened in LR as Smart Object.

    In LR, you access 8 under File>Plug-In Extras, and it opens up 8
    separately. Accepting the changes creates a stacked image which does
    appear in Library. The stack can be separated.

    In both CS6 and LR, it's like working with a stand-alone that saves
    back to CS6 or LR.

    Personally, I'd export the file, work with 8 as a stand-alone, and
    then import the result back into LR. That's just me, maybe.
    Tony Cooper, Feb 27, 2014
  11. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    I raised the same query. ;-)

    It took a bit of deciphering (that can be found in the thread), but
    what he was doing was making some adjustments in LR5, and then
    selecting PS/CC as an external editor, opening that LR5 adjusted file
    in PS/CC as a SO. Then taking that SO in PS/CC directly to Perfect
    Resize and it chokes. He insists on doing it that way instead of using
    Perfect Resize directly from LR5.
    I know, but Peter "I'm doing it my way" N found the way to make it
    balk, and it did the same for me when I tried a few tests with PPS 6.
    It chokes even if you open in PS/CC from ACR as an SO to go directly
    into PPS (6 and in his case 8).
    Yup! it still does, even with PPS 6.
    When I reread the OnOne offer I understood that there are three
    versions of OnOne PPS8 and that if you bought their offer, you were
    eligible to receive/upgrade & to their 2014 Edition free when it was
    released. They added their disclaimer that their LR, PSE, Aperture
    Edition would not fully integrate with PS CC/CS5/CS6, and that if you
    needed that PS integration, you had to buy, or upgrade to the PPS8
    Premium Edition.

    In this particular promotion they are selling the Premium Edition
    upgrade to registered owners of prior versions for $89.99, the regular
    upgrade price is $99.95. Folks new to OnOne are charged $149.95
    promotion price, or $179.95 reg. for the full version of PPS 8 Premium

    If you check their table of differences between the three Editions it
    is easier to understand. I suspect that Peter does not(but not
    confirmed), and I never did have the Premium Edition.

    If you scroll down to the "Get The Edition of Perfect Photo Suite Right
    for You" section, and click on the "see a detailed comparison of the
    three editions" link, all will be revealed.
    < >
    Savageduck, Feb 27, 2014
  12. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    I have higher priority projects and did not have the time, simply worked
    around the issue.. Hopefully today.
    PeterN, Feb 27, 2014
  13. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    As with many things Photoshop, thee is an alternate method.
    Windows | Extensions | OnOne. That way the suite can be accessed via a
    PeterN, Feb 27, 2014
  14. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    I said that the problem occurred when I opened the image in CC from LR
    as a smart object. It is not a LR issue, but a smart object issue. I
    opened an image in CC from ACR, and ran into the issue. I am trying to
    learn smart objects, which I have not used before.
    PeterN, Feb 27, 2014
  15. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    I have the entire suite, premium edition, up to date. Before I started
    using SO, I would do my resize and make any adjustments that might be
    needed, after resize.
    PeterN, Feb 27, 2014
  16. PeterN

    Tony Cooper Guest

    There is no upgrade charge to owners of Perfect Photo Suite 8. I
    don't know what the situation is with owners of 7 or earlier.

    As I mentioned earlier, I won the program in a photo competition. I'm
    glad I didn't buy it considering the times I've used it since
    installation. Not that it's a bad program, but most of the features
    it offers are things I can do without it.

    I used Perfect Resize once on a photo of mine that was selected for an
    exhibition at a city building here. I'd done some photoshopping on a
    reduced version that I didn't want to start over, and the required
    print size was much larger. It worked fine.

    I've practiced with Perfect Mask, but end up doing it the Photoshop
    way and using a Layer Mask and my Wacom pad. I haven't had a fine
    hair project to do so far, though.
    Tony Cooper, Feb 27, 2014
  17. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    OK! That answers my question, leaving the PPS8 CC SO issue unresolved,
    when I thought there might be a possible solution lying in the OnOne
    feature differences in the various editions.
    Savageduck, Feb 27, 2014
  18. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    The promotion offer is to buy PPS 8, or encourage an upgrade to PPS 8.
    The new owner of PPS 8 then gets the upgrade to the 2014 Edition at no
    That much I remember.
    ....and that is the reason I remain with PPS 6.
    I have used Resize a few times with reasonable results. Though the new
    image sizing algorithm in PS/CC does a much better job than in the
    past, relegating use of Resize to extreme enlargement only.
    I am comfortable just using Photoshop for that, never having quite
    mastered Perfect Mask. I fine it way too time consuming to fine tune to
    my liking.

    So for all of those other plug-in driven adjustments I fall back on the
    NIK Collection.
    Savageduck, Feb 27, 2014
  19. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    Unfortunately no.
    PeterN, Feb 27, 2014
  20. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    What about extreme smallification.
    PeterN, Feb 27, 2014
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