Lumix DMC-FZ50 SDHC compatibility? RiDATA problem.

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by Erik Harris, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    I recently bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50K camera, and followed it up with
    an order for RiDATA's 4GB SecureDigital Card Pro (150X speed SD card). When
    I received the memory card, I dropped it into the camera, and was greeted by
    an error when turning the camera on:


    So I plugged the card into the USB 2.0 SD reader that I also ordered. The
    card works fine in there. I downloaded the SD/SDHC official card formatter
    from The formatter is even made by Panasonic, which speaks
    really well to the prospect of it formatting the card so that it's compatible
    with a Panasonic camera. No go. Same error, and this error doesn't let me
    access the menu, so I can't try to make the camera format the card.

    Any idea how I can make this work? Returning it to NewEgg for a 15%
    restocking fee doesn't appeal to me, and trying to get RiData to reimburse me
    sounds like an uphill battle (especially since the DMC-FZ50 is new enough
    that it's not on their compatibility list for the card at - however, the DMC-FZ30 is,
    and the FZ50 is a pretty minor upgrade to the FZ30).

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 20, 2006
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  2. FZ50 supports SDHC cards in case of capacity larger than 2GB.

    But RiData 150X 4GB is SD only! That's why FZ50 can't recognize it but card
    reader can.

    I think that RiData website's compatibility list may be wrongly included the
    Leung Wai Hung, Oct 20, 2006
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  3. Erik Harris

    Steven Toney Guest

    same here

    bought a FZ50 + 4g SDHC card from same place -- 4g card labeled as SDHC will
    not work in the FZ50

    sent it back to the place I bought it for 4 1 gig cards in trade -- they
    said they would do that on the phone

    I try for 2 2g cards -- but 4 1g they would do without a lot of hassle -- to
    just return the card for refund meant restock fee for me too..
    Steven Toney, Oct 20, 2006
  4. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    The FZ50 specifically adds support for SDHC cards over the FZ30. As far as I
    can tell, the only difference between SD and SDHC is that SDHC is formatted
    with FAT32, allowing sizes larger than 2GB.

    So ANY device that supports SDHC should support 4GB cards.

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 20, 2006
  5. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    So far, I've only been able to play a little bit, because the only WORKING
    card I've got is the 32MB card that came with the camera - which will
    accommodate 5 JPG's or a single RAW image. So even though I've had it for
    over a week now, I haven't really used it much at all. I was hoping I'd be
    able to do that now, after receiving my 4GB card, but no such luck.

    So far, no reply from RiDATA or Panasonic about this card, but that's no

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 20, 2006
  6. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest what exactly IS an SDHC card, but an SD card formatted in FAT32 format
    (thus allowing sizes over 2GB)?

    I haven't been able to find a whole lot of specific information, but from
    what I did find before making this purchase, it doesn't seem that there's any
    other difference between the two formats. That leads me to the assumption
    that cards with capacities above 2GB that weren't labeled as SDHC were
    basically just those cards that did it before the SD Association blessed it
    with the 2.0 standard.

    To make matters worse, I've seen 4GB SD cards that don't say anything about
    SDHC, but do say that they support the 2.0 version of the spec - i.e. the
    version that adds support for higher capacities (that is, SDHC).

    Simply put, I'm confused, and I'm out $70 unless I can find a solution or
    RiDATA buys the card back from me (or return it to NewEgg and take a 15%
    restocking fee hit; which I'll do before eating the $70 for a worthless

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 21, 2006
  7. Erik Harris

    Bill Funk Guest

    This might help:
    Bill Funk, Oct 21, 2006
  8. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    It really doesn't, unfortunately. It says that SD cards can be formatted in
    the 4-32GB range (i.e. higher address space because it's using FAT32 instead
    of FAT16), and that it's not backwards compatible with previous versions of
    SD (i.e. because devices designed for the FAT16 file system won't work with
    FAT32-formatted storage devices). It also goes into the new speed rating
    system, which is nice because most cards are currently only rated for their
    read speeds.

    However, it doesn't tell me what the difference is between an SD card
    formatted with FAT32 that's not labeled as SDHC and a "proper" SDHC card, and
    work with NewEgg if they'll accommodate something to save me the 15%
    restocking fee. That is, how do the 2.0 and prior (1.1, was it?) versions of
    the SDA spec differ other than the FAT32 format (and the new way of rating
    speed; which has no bearing on compatibility, only performance).

    I guess I'll just order a 2GB card until SDHC gets a bit more mature and I
    have a clear idea of what 4GB (or larger) cards DO work with the FZ50, given
    that another response from someone who had a 4GB card fail in the camera
    gives me little confidence in being able to order another brand and have it
    work. I'd like to primarily shoot RAW format, which is my main reason for
    wanting as much capacity as possible (less than 100 RAW pics fit on a 2GB

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 22, 2006
  9. Erik Harris

    Bill Funk Guest

    Well, I'm one of those people who figures that if something won't
    work, it won't work, and spending a lot of effort figuring out why it
    won't work is pretty pointless, other than as a mental excersize.
    The second paragraph is pretty specific:
    "Because SDHC works differently than standard SD cards, this new
    format is not backwards compatible with legacy SD format host
    But, DPReview says the FZ50 is compatible with SDHC
    so it would seem evident that your problem with the RiData 150X 4GB
    card is that it's too big for the FZ50 as an SD card, and in order to
    be recognized, it needs to be an SDHC card. It doesn't matter what the
    differences betwen a 4GB SD card and a 4GB SDHC card are unless you
    can turn the card you have into a SDHC card. I can't seem to find a
    way to do this (probably because if anyone could do so, the makers
    would lose a munch of bunny).
    Sorry. :-(
    Bill Funk, Oct 22, 2006
  10. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    Some of us just like to know stuff. :) Aside from that, though, it could
    help in picking a replacement if I have a better idea of what's what. A few
    companies are labelling their larger SD cards with the SDHC label, but a
    number of them are just calling them SD. Some of those (like OCZ) have info
    buried on their website saying that the larger cards require a device
    compatible with the SDA 2.0 spec - i.e. the spec that adds SDHC support (and
    specifically-non-SDHC cards that use the new SDHC speed class ratings, like
    Panasonic's). So whether a card is _labeled_ SDHC or not seems to have
    little relationship to whether or not the card follows the SDHC spec.
    (Perhaps done for continuity of manufacturing? Perhaps there are additional
    costs associated with licensing the new logo or getting their cards tested
    for the new speed classses?). I want to know what's what, and it seems that
    the question that comes before "which ones are really SDHC?" is "is there
    even a difference aside from file system format?"

    Bottom line - I want to know what I can use in my camera. I tried a 4GB card
    that appeared to be compatible, and it doesn't work. Another person who
    replied said he has the same problem with a 4GB "SDHC" card, suggesting that
    he had a card labeled as such, and it didn't work either - and suggesting
    that there's more to compatibility with this camera than just SDHC vs
    non-SDHC (or that he was mistaken on what kind of card he had). The camera's
    manual specifically mentions 4GB cards, and Panasonic even sells an SDHC card
    that's listed as an accessory in the camera's manual (Panasonic's cards cost
    2-4 times as much as anyone else's, for only a Class 2 rating, so that's not
    an option)
    That's pretty darn vague, actually. FAT32 vs. FAT16 could be "works
    differently." Or there could be more substantive differences.

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 22, 2006
  11. Erik Harris

    Bill Funk Guest

    Those SD cards labeled only SD aren't SDHC, obviously. They won't work
    in cameras, evidently. But cameras aren't the only devices that use SD
    cards, so non-SDHC cards may well still have a market.
    For your camera, buy those cards labeled SDHC.
    What others tell as anecdotal information may not be worth much.
    You haven't tried a SDHC card, so you don't know it won't work.
    You do know a 4BG card not labeled SDHC won't work, though, pretty
    much as advertised.
    If I were you, I'd get a SDHC card, and try it. If it doesn't work,
    *THEN* I'd have something to complain about.
    You didn't read that right; they aren't talking about FAT16 vs FAT32,
    they are talking about SD vs SDHC. Very specific.
    Bill Funk, Oct 22, 2006
  12. Erik Harris

    Robin Harvey Guest

    On Thu, 19 Oct 2006 20:48:09 -0400, Erik Harris <[email protected]$harrishom$.com>

    I find that the DMC-FZ50 will work fine up to 2GB CD memory cards but not a 4GB
    SD card. I haven't bought a 4GB SDHC card yet but expect it to work. These
    assertions are supported by the Panasonic web site at

    Robin Harvey, Oct 22, 2006
  13. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    I'd love to follow up on this, but now I've gone through two cards - one was
    a 4DG non-SDHC SD card, which the FZ50 doesn't support. It only works with
    SD cards 2GB and smaller. So I bought a 2GB Patriot 133X SD card, being
    unable to find an SDHC card in stock anywhere on short notice (I wanted to be
    able to use the camera at a party this weekend). I got the card on Thursday,
    and assumed all was well because the camera didn't choke when I put the card
    in and turned it on (and had no trouble formatting the card).

    Unfortunately, it can't actually WRITE to the card. When I take a picture,
    it tries to write for awhile, and chokes. The card works (in my USB reader),
    and the camera works (with the included 32MB card, which is small enough to
    be useless for anything beyond verifying the camera works). But apparently
    there's a great deal of "leeway" in the compatibility with various different
    SD cards.

    My only viable solution at this point appears to be going to a Big Box Store
    and buying a card, trying it out before leaving the parking lot, and
    returning it if it doesn't work (again). I'll spend more for a 1GB card than
    I'd spend on-line for a 2GB card, but at this rate, I'll be spending all of
    that money on shipping back and forth to find a damn card that works with
    this camera!

    So I guess I'll stick with whatever card I find WORKS for the time being, and
    revisit the SDHC scene in a few months, when the standard has been around for
    a bit longer, and there are more cards available on the market (NewEgg and
    ZipZoomFly each sell only one--the same one--and it's often out of stock).

    On that note, has anyone tried the A-Data card listed at NewEgg (URL below)
    in the FZ50? If it's known to work, I'll order it.

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 29, 2006
  14. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    Did you buy the OCZ card? OCZ's website claims that their 4GB cards require
    a device that supports the 2.0 spec (SDHC), but reviewers on NewEgg claim
    that the card isn't actually an SDHC card, but is another 4G SD (non-HC)

    If not, what card did you buy?
    You sure you got it "from same place" (NewEgg)? I asked about an exchange,
    and was told that they don't do exchanges for different products, at all.
    Instead, they offered me a refund, and at least according to the email they
    sent me, they're not charging a restocking fee (I don't know why, but I
    appreciate it. I hope ZipZoomFly is as kind when I return this 2GB Patriot

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 29, 2006
  15. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    That isn't specific at all. It says that the two formats work differently,
    but doesn't say HOW they work differently. Different file systems would be a
    way of "working differently."

    For those who ARE interested, I found a few sites that actually specify how
    the two formats are different. They use a different memory addressing
    scheme, going from byte addressing to sector addressing. Different memory
    addressing methods would definitely explain the complete lack of
    compatibility between devices that don't explicitly support the new format.

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 29, 2006
  16. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    Manufacturers often "undersell" their device capabilities for various
    reasons, so the fact that support for something isn't _listed_ doesn't
    necessarily mean it doesn't work (especially common in DVD players that
    support VCD, SVCD, PAL, etc without specifying anywhere).

    Panasonic doesn't explicitly list 8GB or larger SDHC cards - has anyone
    dropped the money on one of the few 8GB cards out there to determine if they
    work (I'm not even sure who sells them, but I've seen release announcements)?

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 29, 2006
  17. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    Oops - forgot the main point of my reply. :) What brands/speeds of 2GB SD
    cards have you used with the DMC-FZ50? As I indicated in another reply, the
    Patriot card I bought from ZipZoomFly doesn't work either. The camera reads
    to it, but can't actually write images to it.

    Erik Harris
    [email protected]$harrishom$.com - replace each dollar sign with an e
    Chinese-Indonesian Martial Arts Club
    Erik Harris, Oct 29, 2006
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