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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Paul Furman, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Paul Furman

    Paul Furman Guest

    That's not going to get infinity focus on any DSLR is it? I have a 500mm
    M42 lens that works so I thought it would but apparently that's just an
    oddity. But it should be fairly close, at least mostly usable. Less so
    with a slim adapter, very close if I could replace the mount on the lens.

    M42 screw M42×1 thread 45.46
    Nikon F bayonet 46.5

    Hmm, if I test a Nikon lens of similar focal length, it goes to about 20
    feet away when I pull it a couple mm off the mount. I have a Leica
    thread 39mm rangefinder that only goes out to about a foot away at
    infinity but that's 28.8-46.5=17.7mm off plus the 2mm adapter, almost
    20mm difference. This would only be 1 to 3mm difference. 1mm if I
    actually changed the mount on the lens.

    M42 won't quite work on even a Pentax bayonet body without changing the
    mount, theoretically possibly on Sony if there was a 1mm thick adapter
    (unlikely), even Canon, it would be tough to get a 1.5mm adapter. I
    thought these were in more common use but apparently not. Anyone use
    them on Canon?

    BTW, I have ground down an Olympus OM mount to fit into a Nikon mount,
    and I once tried mounting Minolta lens on my Nikon: it fit in the
    bayonet but didn't lock.

    micro 4/3 Bayonet 20
    C-mount 1″×32tpi 17.526
    Leica M bayonet 27.95
    Canon screw M39×1 thread 28.8
    Leica screw M39×26tpi 28.8 **************
    Olympus Pen F bayonet 28.95
    Canon R/FL/FD breech/bayonet 42
    Nikon rangefinder bayonet 34.85
    4/3 System digital bayonet 38.58
    Konica F bayonet 40.5
    Yashica Pentamatic,
    Pentamatic II bayonet 43
    Minolta MD bayonet 43.72 +0.01 -0.02
    Canon EOS bayonet 44
    Sigma SA inner bayonet 44
    Sony Alpha,
    Minolta AF bayonet 44.6
    Voigtländer Bessamatic bayonet 44.7 **************
    Pentax K-mount bayonet 45.46
    M42 screw M42×1 thread 45.46
    Olympus OM bayonet 46
    Nikon F bayonet 46.5 **************
    Paul Furman, Mar 3, 2010
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