Macro Extension Tube for DSLR Sony Alpha A-100

Discussion in 'Sony' started by infiniteMPG, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. infiniteMPG

    infiniteMPG Guest

    I am looking for a way to do some good close-up macro photography with
    my new Sony Alpha A-100. I have some nice AF lenses from my old
    Maxxum but wanted to get into more macro work. I used to have some
    macro extension tubes with my old STR-201 but they were the old MD
    mount. So now I am looking for some for my A-100.

    I found some on Ebay listed as :

    Extension Tube Set Marco Ring for Minolta Camera A76 - Item number:
    These sell for under $10 and there are several available from the same

    They list these as fitting "all" Minolta cameras but anyone who came
    from the old 35mm world knows the old MD mount lenses won't fit on the
    new Maxxum/Alpha mount cameras. I wrote the seller but have never
    received a response back if these would fit the A-100. I was
    wondering if anyone knew if these would fit?

    Or does anyone had some good inexpensive suggestions on how to get
    into some really close-up macro photography? Don't care for the lens
    inverters (that mount a lens backwards) or the macro filters (don't
    want to degrade the image that much and I know they do). All
    suggestions gladly welcomed.

    infiniteMPG, Nov 2, 2007
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  2. infiniteMPG

    Paul Furman Guest

    For $10 I wouldn't expect much :) certainly not AF but for macro AF
    doesn't matter much. The only issue I'm aware of is strength... the
    wobble-factor... if your lenses are on the heavy end, you may benefit
    from a stronger more stable extension tube otherwise it doesn't really
    matter: a tube is a tube and I can't think of anything else that could
    interfere with your experience. Ideally the tube would transmit the lens
    identity & f/stop to the camera for exif data but the metering and
    converted f/stop will still be wrong. I'm not aware of an extension tube
    with it's own chip to explain all that to the camera.
    Paul Furman, Nov 6, 2007
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