Magnetic Lasso Tool Problem

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Lou, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Lou

    Lou Guest

    In Photoshop CS the delete key does not undo a selection made by the
    magnetic lasso tool as it did in PS 7. In CS help it shows that the delete
    key is used for this function. Any one else with this problem??


    Lou, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. Lou

    Husky Guest

    CTRL-Z has always been undo, unless you redefined some defaults. or PS did
    change that key also. delete has always "Deleted"

    more pix @
    Husky, Nov 30, 2003
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  3. Lou

    Lou Pratt Guest

    Ctrl-z doesn't work in CS either.In PS 7 the delete key always undid the
    anchor points and CS help indicates the delete key still performs the same
    function. I re-set the defaults and still nothing.
    Lou Pratt, Nov 30, 2003
  4. Lou

    Brian K Guest

    ? pirated
    Brian K, Nov 30, 2003
  5. Lou

    Husky Guest

    the delete key DELETED previous anchor points. UNDO is a MAJOR CHANGE to
    previous. Assuming CS also has a history, you can single step backwards if undo
    isn't doing what you want. there's the learning curve I spoke about in 'why

    Hmmm. you're right about the anchor points with the lasso. The delete key
    should DELETE the previous one. Something that may be affecting it is how much
    memory your machine has. if things are really bogging, you probably should go
    back to7. Or get a faster machine with more memory.
    I'd check preferences if everything is fine with speed and memory.
    Don't quote me on this, but on most programs, you can just delete the
    preferences file. [usually found in /windows/system/common/adobe/???] and next
    time it fires up it'll default to setup defaults.

    I haven't even seen CS so this isn't from any experience with it. I doubt I'll
    get it. I just joined this group to see what others have to say about CS.

    But in 6 and 7, you can redefine keys to just about anything. Can't recall if
    it's fireworks or PS, but one of them has a pulldown with a selection of
    different key setups. ie: If you use fireworks all the time you can have this
    program emulate fireworks key settings, or vice versa.

    For the longest time I had a program that wasn't following the CTRL-A setting
    for select all, but instead prompting to save.
    Probably just a programming error, but I eventually found that at some time I'd
    defined a macro to use CTRL-A and save. The macro over rode the built in

    more pix @
    Husky, Dec 1, 2003
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