Making money by selling photos?

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Daniel Kelly \(AKA Jack\), Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    Can anyone share their experiences of selling their photos?

    For example, have you sold some of your photos to a company like Getty
    Images? How well does it pay? Do you have any regrets? Could you
    recommend a good way for a freelance photographer (based in London) to make
    some extra cash by selling a few images?

    Daniel Kelly \(AKA Jack\), Dec 12, 2003
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  2. Daniel Kelly \(AKA Jack\)

    Patrick L. Guest

    I hear some photographers are selling their images from leads garnered from
    the publication, "The Photographers Market".

    My brother has licensed some images, and got good money for them, $500 or
    so each for several photos. The amount you get depends on the end use,
    circulation of the publication (a photo in TV guide, national edition, will
    get a lot more than the same photo in a local newspaper, etc).

    Generally speaking, to make any serious money in "stock photography", i.e.,
    photos on spec, you have to have quite an inventory of images, and you have
    know what sells, or find a specialty and go for a niche, of some kind, such
    as ethnic lifestyles, architectural, etc., but, rest assured, in most of
    the lucrative areas there is lots of competition.

    Another way is to get an inventory of your photos listed in a stock catalog,
    the publishers of which act as an agent for your photos. I know a couple
    who have 400 of their photos which are licensed via a European stock photo
    house. These types of things, and this subject, is covered pretty well
    in the above mentioned publication. Also, do web search on 'stock
    photography', and see what turns up.

    Patrick L., Dec 13, 2003
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  3. Daniel Kelly \(AKA Jack\)

    Jerry L. Guest

    You have to have some skill as a salesman, along with some skill in
    taking photographs. Then you have to find a business (or person) who
    is in need of buying the type of photographs you have taken. [Please
    check out

    and you can see some of the work that is done from various places on
    Earth, and how tough it may be to earn a living from shooting film or
    digital images.

    Good luck!
    = = =
    Jerry L., Dec 13, 2003
  4. YOu can, if you know what you are doing. For starters, avoid Getty
    like the plague. You want an agency that will pay you royalties, not
    an all out copyright transfer.

    As it was said, you need to know what to shoot. I make most of my
    stock sales off of sports and know to shoot tight verticals and get
    plenty of the defenders. I market my sports images through four
    agencies, my own (GO), Icon Sports Media, NFL Photos and Sports
    Illustrated Syndication. My news photos go through Gamma, and again,
    GO. Creatas takes care of my other hodge podge images, and there are
    about 6 more that take care of specific genres.

    You need to be pretty aggressive to sell on your own, and to just
    market to that many agencies, but if you keep it up, it will pay off
    in the long run. I strongly suggest buying a program like photoqoute
    or photo price guide to help you calculate prices for resales.

    Thomas E. Witte
    Thomas E. Witte, Dec 13, 2003
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