Manual Focus Lenses on Konica-Minolta D7

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by flyfishe, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. flyfishe

    flyfishe Guest

    So I have a KM 7 Digital Camera and all teh AF lenses I need until I
    get to 500mm. I have a 500 mm preset, manual focus lens and a Celestron
    1000mm. When I atach them I get "No lens mounted"

    Can some kind sould tell me how to defeat this? I did it on my Minolta
    450si. But who wants to use film when you have a D7.

    email address is if you'd be so kind to tell me the
    defeat that doesn't appear to be in the manual.
    flyfishe, Jul 17, 2006
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  2. I've emailed the text of the panel which appears in every single issue
    of our Photoworld magazine directly to flyfisher. For others, here it is:

    DYNAX xi and si cameras, and most later models, have a shutter lock,
    which prevents the shutter from being released if anything other than an
    AF lens is fitted (e.g. slide copier, T2 manual mount lens, telescope
    etc). To over-ride this –
    Dynax 9/7 Select Custom Function 16 and set to 2
    Dynax 60 Select Custom Function 13 and set to 2
    Dynax 5 Select Custom Function 14 and set to 2
    Dynax 4 Select Custom Function 12 and set to 2
    On other Dynax models, press and hold the following buttons, while
    turning the main switch to ON:
    Dynax 40 DRIVE
    Dynax 9xi/7xi FUNC and AEL
    Dynax 5xi FUNC and SPOT
    Dynax 800si AEL and SUBJECT PROGRAM
    Dynax 700si CARD and SPOT
    Dynax 600si LENS RELEASE and ISO
    (with lens removed for safety)
    Dynax 500si AV and DRIVE/ST
    Dynax 500si Super SPOT and DRIVE/ST
    Dynax 300si FLASH MODE and DRIVE/ST
    Dynax 505si/Super SPOT and SELF TIMER
    Dynax 404si P and SELF TIMER
    (with Function Dial at ME position)
    Dynax 303si MODE and SELF TIMER

    Dynax 2xi
    Dynax 3xi Send to Minolta (????!!!) for circuit
    Dynax Spxi modification (chargeable)

    Dynax 7D/5D and Alpha 100 use menu command ‘Shutter Lock’

    RD-175 SELF TIMER and AV
    RD-3000 DRIVE and SPOT (while switching to REC)

    On the Vectis models, press the following buttons. There is no need to
    ‘press and hold’
    Vectis S-1 MODE + SELF TIMER = ‘on’ appears on display; SEL = ‘off’
    appears on display. Press any other button to confirm.
    Vectis S-100 SUBJECT PROGRAM and +/- = ‘on’ on display. +/- = ‘off’ on
    display. Press any other button to confirm.
    To re-instate the shutter lock, repeat the same procedure. On Dynax 9,
    7, 5, and 4 set Custom Function 16 back to option 1.
    David Kilpatrick, Jul 18, 2006
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  3. flyfishe

    PG Guest

    Someone else has answered your question, but I'm going to piggyback
    your post with a related question:

    I've got a similar setup (in my case a KM 5D and 500mm Celeston MF
    fixed-aperture f8.0 lens). But is there any way to get the camera to
    automatically select the right exposure or tell me what sort of
    exposure to use? I've only had the camera a few days, but I found that
    if I just stick the lens on and set the camera mode to Auto, the
    exposures were all over the place.

    The only way I could get decent shots was a lot of trial and error:
    Eventually I put it in Shutter priority mode and adjusted the shutter
    speed (and ISO) until things looked about right. Is there some way I
    could use the meter to tell me? I'm guessing the problem with Auto is
    that the camera doesn't know what the aperture of the lens is?

    Trial and error is obviously easy with digital, but it would be nice to
    get a little help from the camera.

    - PG
    PG, Jul 18, 2006

  4. Set it to A or P and it should work perfectly. I can only imagine you
    are getting light in through the eyepiece, affecting the metering. To
    get more reliable exposure, use the eyepiece cover which comes with the
    camera (on the strap), with the rig on a tripod - or get your eye really
    well glued to the finder eyepiece to exclude light.

    David Kilpatrick, Jul 18, 2006
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