Matrox rtx. 100 vs Canopus Dv Storm?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Bruce Wood, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Bruce Wood

    Bruce Wood Guest

    Wondering Which of these two cards is really the best? Dv Storm2 Or Matrox

    Editing will be done in Premier Pro on a Amd Athalon XP 2700 w 512 ram.

    I have read reviews on both and they seem very close in features, but would
    like some user input.

    Thanks Bruce
    Bruce Wood, Sep 24, 2003
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  2. In every day use, the biggest difference you'll notice
    between these two products:

    RTX100: Has larger selection of real-time effects and
    filters, but can only stack 2 at a time before
    you have to render.

    Storm2: Slightly smaller selection, but still healthy,
    of "Canopus" real-time effects & filters. They
    appear in the same window as normal Premiere
    effects, However, one can stack 5 effects and
    still be render free.

    I prefer the Canopus DV Storm2.

    I like the feeling of "instant" creativity that comes from
    being able to stack up 4 or 5 effects at once and seeing your
    work immediately without rendering. When I have to wait for
    rendering, I find myself viewing scenes with a less critical
    eye. When I feel like I can just add & remove effects with
    a click of the mouse & instantly view what I've done, I tend
    to tweak with it more and get the scene exactly how I want
    it to be, instead of just accepting it due to time constraints.
    Monkey Monkey, Sep 25, 2003
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  3. When effects are properly placed on the timeline the Matrox RT.X100 can do
    up to 16 without rendering. Those who have not used one, or have not read
    their manuals can only do 5 before having to render. Both are good products
    but the real difference between them is that any effect on the Matrox
    RT.X100 can be used to create more interesting title effects. In the real
    world of video editing many of the offered effects for both cards will
    probably go unused, unless you are doing commercials for businesses. In the
    real world of video editing interesting title effects are always good to
    have available. DVStorm is limited in title effects.

    Larry Johnson
    Digital Video Solutions
    "We Know NLE Better Than Dell or Gateway Ever Will!"
    877-227-6281 Toll Free Sales Advice
    386-672-1941 Customer Service Line
    386-672-1907 Technical Support Line
    386-676-1515 Fax Line
    Larry Johnson, Sep 25, 2003
  4. Bruce Wood

    Tech God Guest

    Strange......I've never heard anyone claim that their card can
    run 16 simultaneous filters and effects without rendering???

    Please give us a detailed explanation of exactly what you mean
    above when you say "properly placed on the timeline".
    Tech God, Sep 26, 2003
  5. Bruce Wood

    agent9 Guest

    isn't it difficult remembering which order to place effects on the timeline?
    agent9, Sep 26, 2003
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