Media *jukebox* PC Software (not necessarily a media center)

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by gaikokujinkyofusho, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Hi, I am looking for software that would be good as "Media Jukebox". I
    am not worried about TV/internet interfacing so much (except maybe for
    initial downloading of movie descriptions etc) more i just want a very
    simple, can-be-used-with-just-a-remote-control interface that has
    things like descriptions of movies/music so i (or friends/relatives)
    can browse through the videos/movies and see album art descriptions of
    the music/movies etc. So something with a reasonable interface, can
    play almost any container/codec, that would not require a mouse/
    keyboard to navigate through music/videos/etc.

    I have considered Windows Media Player but it (seems) to lack the full
    file info/description requirement I have and doesn't seem to be as
    remote-control friendly as I would like. I have also thought about all
    out media center software but that is overkill and has way more
    features than I need which I also don't want to bother scrolling
    through TV type options when I just want to access music and video.
    Having a database of the stuff would be phenomenal or at least a means
    to arranging the stuff, especially video since many video containers
    don't support metadata (and I have almost every combination of video
    container/codec imaginable so I need VLC like playability [I'll settle
    for mediaplayer classic w/ ffdshow playability])

    As for OS, I am kind of leaning towards Linux with MythTV (I think I
    can hide unneeded options plus it would be nice to use it as a retro-
    gaming MAME box) but i can go the windows route as well. I have also
    considered a Mac but i am looking to build a discount system with
    insane amounts of storage [~1.5 - 2.5TB] and there just doesn't seem
    enough discount hardware options for the mac. I've heard about of alot
    of software out there but most of it seems to focus on being a DVR
    rather than a remote-controllable media jukebox.

    Any suggestions or pointers to reviews would really be appreciated!


    gaikokujinkyofusho, Feb 1, 2008
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