Mercury free button cell camera batteries.

Discussion in 'Photography Chat' started by Alan J, Feb 16, 2011.

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    At the weekend I went to a small local specialist camera shop and bought a film and two camera batteries for an Olympus OM2N (Kodak S76 in blister packs) and for my OM1N (one Energizer EPX625G LR9). I was given the speel about Mercury being banned due to environmental reasons that I did not know as I had been using digital and given my film cameras about a ten year rest.

    Monday was a bright day and I decided to take some photos in Cambridge. The metered manual readings were f11 at 1/1000 sec with 100 ISO film. Something wrong here, I would have thought from memory that f11 at 1/125 sec would be nearer the mark. Wondering if the camera had not survived its period of no use, when I got home, I set up again and decided to try the OM1N and the result was three stops lower.

    Someone I know nearby also uses an OM2N, his wife a Canon, so it was a case of point and compare readings. It was a case of the OM1N, his OM2N and the Canon all reading the same f5.6 at 1/60th - starting to get dark. I then put his batteries in my OM2N and got the same result as the others proving no fault in my camera. I produced my voltmeter and checked the voltage - 1.46V his ( in both cells ) and 1.51V in the OM1N. The cells where I got the high exposure reading was 1.63V. I would not have thought that 0.17V would have made that vast difference in exposure values. There may be a lot of dissappointed people about when they get their films back!

    There is a need to know more about the right battery to use and is it reliable not just for my camera. I am aware that Gossen do an adapter containing electronics to regulate voltage for their older exposure meters. Any camera or other manufacturers do this? Does anyone else have anything to contribute on this? Keep away from the S76!
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    Alan J, Feb 16, 2011
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