Message for anyone who recently purchased Studio 9

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Rick Popko, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Rick Popko

    Rick Popko Guest

    Pinnacle Systems has learned that when Studio 9 is running, some users
    may experience sluggish system performance. We have released a
    downloadable software patch we believe will correct this system
    performance issue. The patch is available at no charge at

    If you would like a "hard copy" of the software patch, please email
    to request a CD mailed to your home or office.
    Please provide a mailing address and serial number of your Studio
    version 9 product.

    Future releases of Pinnacle Systems Studio version 9 (those currently
    in production) will not require the downloadable patch.

    We regret any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.
    Pinnacle strives to be a provider of solid technology products, and we
    appreciate the opportunity to address any problems you may experience.
    Rick Popko, Feb 14, 2004
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  2. Rick Popko

    R Benner Guest

    R Benner, Feb 14, 2004
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  3. Rick Popko

    Gavin Hill Guest

    They are high tech with their beta testing. They use customers......

    Message to Pinnacle - I just bought Screenblast and not your product
    because of the amount of negative feedback I read here concerning
    Studio 8. Screenblast may not be high end but I am new to this. I did
    not want to spend my time with crashes, bug fixes etc etc.

    Gavin Hill, Feb 16, 2004
  4. Rick Popko

    Dennis Vogel Guest

    I, too, dropped Studio and several others when I found
    Screenblast. I've since graduated to Vegas and nothing
    could make me go back.

    Dennis Vogel
    Dennis Vogel, Feb 16, 2004
  5. Rick Popko

    Oscar Guest

    ....and so it begins.

    Oscar, Feb 17, 2004
  6. Rick Popko

    nappy Guest

    in all the years I have been haunting here.. finally someone reads the bad
    Pinnacle rep prior to purchase... congrats!
    nappy, Feb 19, 2004
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