Metz 45 CT-5 With Fuji S2

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Tony Wallis, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Tony Wallis

    Tony Wallis Guest

    I am just buying a Fuji S2. I already own an almost unused Metz CT 45 CT-5
    and wonder if anyone can help as to what SCA adapter cable etc I would
    require to use the cameras flash capabilties with this unit.

    I guess it would be a similar set up to a Nikon spec?

    Tony Wallis, Jul 13, 2003
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  2. Tony Wallis

    David Grandy Guest

    I use a Metz 45 CL-4 with a Mamiya Pro-TL for weddings and I've been using
    this combination for about five years (well it was a CT-4 for three years
    until a ride-on lawnmower ate my flash, but that's another story). I like
    the Metz and I like the Mamiya, but this set up is brain dead compared to
    what's available for the DSLR's.

    I have the Canon 10D and the 550EX flash plus a 420 so that I can do off
    camera wireless TTL with ratios. I will never use the Metz with this camera
    and I'm surprised that anyone would want to leave behind AF and advanced TTL
    features that the most modern DSLR/flashes offer. I mean I hate the SCA
    adapter that you have to use with the Mamiya/Metz combination. It's a
    failure waiting to happen. And there's no auto "I want this to expose 1/3
    of a stop less than the ambient light" unless you bias the ISO. It's clunky
    and it's heavy and it's not much more powerful than the 550 (and I assume
    the SB80X).

    So if I was using the S2/D100 I would want the SB flash which is going to be
    as foolproof as you are likely to get.
    David Grandy, Jul 13, 2003
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  3. Tony Wallis

    Tony Wallis Guest

    Ok Larry,

    Is the IR/AF really necessary, as the camera already has that as standard.

    I am used to the Metz guns and have used them for Wedding work for 20 years
    or so, thats why I want to stick with them. I can use battery packs or my
    Quantum battery, in the safe knowledge that no matter how much hammer I give
    the flash, the necessary power will all ways be there. Better the devil you

    Out of curiousty what SCA adapter and cable do you use?

    Thanks again to everyone who has contacted.

    Tony Wallis, Jul 15, 2003
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