Microglobe (London Camera) feedback - Nikon D70 Purchase

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Ken Tough, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Ken Tough

    Ken Tough Guest

    I recently bought a D70 kit (with 18-70 DX lens) in UK. I chose
    Microglobe as they had a good price, the accessories I wanted,
    and would make postal delivery to UK address even though my
    c.c. billing was in S.Africa. I had also bought my Oly 3040 there.

    They were good, lived up to what they said. Mailed it out next day
    for GBP 10. I also bought a 50mm f1.8 for low light, a Hoya circ pol
    filter, and a Lexar 512MB 80x CF. I had set up the initial purchase
    without the CF, but found that cheaper places all would only send to
    c.c. billing address. Since I'd already put the camera order in, I
    was loathe to simply swap the billing address.

    I might have paid GBP 10 over the odds for the card, but it was
    there in the box with no hassle. They sent out the req'd doc for
    UK VAT refund as well.

    One gripe: they charged GBP 15 for administering the UK VAT refund,
    which is within their rights but pretty harsh.

    One niggle: it came with Aussie power cord, but I'm not lacking in
    figure 8 leads so I wasn't too worried. I did have concern about
    the warranty, but they gave written confirm they'd honour it, and
    Nikon didn't seem concerned when I called them. (One year european
    service body, 3 yr world warranty lenses).

    Overall, they were responsive and gave a good price, I think.
    D70 kit (18-70) = GBP 739.
    Other accessories = GBP 195.

    With my VAT back, it's probably <60% the price I'd have paid here.

    Ken Tough, Jan 11, 2005
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