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Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by G Hardy, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. G Hardy

    G Hardy Guest

    MSP here - I could never get used to Adobe products, although I'm struggling
    with the changeover in MSP8
    I've been pretty lucky. My two Canons stay synched to the frame for a full
    one-hour tape. My little Sony has been used on occasions for a three-camera
    shoot, but it's only ever been run for 20mins at a time tops. That was
    before we realised the value of leaving all three tapes going so that we
    don't have to keep resynchronising.

    It's easy enough to deal with mismatched tape rates. Identify your master
    and secondary clips (master in my case is usually from the XL1, which has a
    better soundtrack if not better video than the XM1). Split the secondary
    somewhere in the middle, and synch the first half of it with the primary
    using a "feature" (door slam, camera flash) that occurs as close to the
    start of the tapes as possible. On a different track, synch the second half
    using a feature as close to the end of the tapes as possible. The two halves
    of the secondary will either have an overlap of a few frames or a gap of a
    few frames. You need to even out this gap by spreading those extra frames
    (overlap) or missing frames (gap) across the entire tape clip, one frame at
    a time. So if you have a 6 frame overlap on a one-hour clip, you need to
    lose one frame every ten minutes. If you have a one second gap you need to
    have a one-frame gap every 2½ minutes (you'll still be one frame out at the
    end, but no-one will notice that).

    During editing, you can move the splits as you see fit - they don't have to
    stay in exactly the evened-out positions, as long as they are there.

    The one I did tonight (which prompted the start of this thread) is exactly
    an hour long with a half-hour set for the infants, five minutes for the
    musicians, then 25 minutes for the juniors. I'll be OK with the DV tapes,
    but the MD will need to be synchronised as described above.
    G Hardy, Dec 8, 2006
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  2. G Hardy

    G Hardy Guest

    It's only got "on/off" and "stereo/mono" switches - so I'm guessing it's
    just providing plug-in power so it can be used with line in. However, the
    following page:

    states: "...For even better results a battery powered booster amp' (single
    AA - supplied) is supplied as standard. This improves the microphone's
    effective range from a meter or two, to a far greater length."

    so I'm obviously wrong.
    G Hardy, Dec 8, 2006
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