Midnight Movie Making Madness

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Wnycsw28, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. Wnycsw28

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    How does a filmmaker with all talent and no cash get discovered? It's
    simple...Take home the grand prize at NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness 2003!
    Filmmakers around the world are challenged to create a short film from scratch
    in 2 weeks from wherever they live. All finalists selected will receive $1,000
    cash and a chance to compete for the grand prize of $10,000 cash in New York
    City by writing, shooting and editing a short movie in 24 hours, midnight to
    midnight! Get your team together, the final entry deadline is August 29, 2003.
    To sign up or learn more, go to www.nycmidnight.com

    **Info Session / Screening of Top 2002 Movies coming to Chicago on Saturday,
    August 9th at Doc Films at the University of Chicago. On August, 16th we will
    be in L.A. at the SplitID theater on Santa Monica Blvd. There is no charge to
    attend. We will screen the top five 24 hour movies from 2002, which will be
    followed by a Q & A session for the 2003 competition. Entry forms will be on
    hand so teams may sign up that day. It will also be a great place for
    interested filmmakers to meet if they don't already have a team, and possibly
    network with others to form one. For more info, check out
    http://www.nycmidnight.com/Events/Events.htm .**
    Wnycsw28, Aug 5, 2003
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