MiniDV nearing it's End?

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by John Russell, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. CD is superior to Vinyl. The audiophiles that think otherwise just have a
    taste for the sound colouration ["warmer sound"] that it gives.

    And what about Amiga, Archimedes and Macintosh vs IBM PC. The world
    standardised on the worst one just because it was the de facto office

    Synapse Syndrome, Jul 21, 2006
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  2. John Russell

    G Hardy Guest

    Illustrating my point exactly ;o)

    It's always been easier to get software for PCs, therefore they win out over
    obviously better machines because computer buyers are just as lazy as
    everyone else. Even IBM fared well as a result of this laziness, because it
    was easier for IT managers to justify big name purchases than cheaper,
    potentially better small companies.

    OK, so now, the distinction isn't so great (between mac & pc - the only
    survivors) but it was enough to polarise opinion at the time.
    G Hardy, Jul 22, 2006
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  3. John Russell

    G Hardy Guest

    Fair enough. I was only reporting back what I'd heard (it's not something
    important enough to me to actually research).

    So why did your Dad buy the first front loading VHS (assuming it wasn't the
    "front loading" bit)? Whatever the reason, it was important enough to change
    G Hardy, Jul 22, 2006

  4. Well anyway, my Amiga A500 pissed all over my dad's 286.

    Synapse Syndrome, Jul 22, 2006

  5. It was actually because we had just moved over to Dubai, and the Betamax
    player was PAL-I (it was actually bought in the Far East and converted in
    the UK and it wasn't worth converting it again). In Dubai they use PAL-BG
    so we could only play our tapes from the UK until we got this multi-system
    front loading recorder. I think it was a Sharp. By this time it was
    apparent that all the video rental shops there had more VHS tapes than

    Synapse Syndrome, Jul 22, 2006
  6. John Russell

    Jerry Guest

    No, the pro world is already gearing up for tape-less acquisition.
    Full sized cameras will be using full sized HDD's whilst the smaller
    camcorders will be using mini HDD's.
    Jerry, Aug 15, 2006
  7. John Russell

    Jerry Guest

    Were you place your VTR (or what ever) is down to you, not the
    It could be said that many more people are now so brain washed about
    the importance of the 'idiot box' [1] that they are allowing it to
    take over more and more of the rooms 'real estate', were once hung a
    picture or painting now hangs the TV...

    [1] as someone, whose name I can't remember, once called the
    television set.
    Jerry, Aug 15, 2006
  8. John Russell

    P Guest

    Surely for anything even semi-serious DV has to be the way to go?
    For transfer onto what, may I ask? If you think I'm entrusting my video
    stuff to DVD-R you've got rocks in your head.
    P, Aug 16, 2006
  9. John Russell

    Tim Streater Guest

    Nothing to stop you organising your own.

    -- tim
    Tim Streater, Aug 16, 2006
  10. John Russell

    Jerry Guest

    I think the sheep pens are that way ===>>>

    Think about it...
    Jerry, Aug 16, 2006
  11. John Russell

    Jerry Guest

    Transferred to other HDD's! Home media (RAID) servers are not far
    away, many people are already building their own. As I said,
    tape-less is not far away - anyone for a 8GB solid state USB

    Only copies will ever be entrusted to volatile mediums, and that
    inclueds tape!
    Jerry, Aug 16, 2006
  12. John Russell

    John Russell Guest

    It's just data. You transfer it to PC are archive it any way you would
    archive large volume data. Clearly for "source" video, DVD of any kind is
    inconvenient as a backup/archive. So I presume we would be looking at High
    Density DVD of some kind.
    John Russell, Aug 16, 2006
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