minolta 7 price drop

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Tilman Kolk, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Tilman Kolk

    Tilman Kolk Guest

    I noticed that the price of my want-to-have-hmmmm-but-I-am-not-sure
    Minolta 7 has dropped. By a 100 bucks (at B&H).
    Whats up with that ?
    The prelude of a new Minolta introdution ?

    If anyone shouts "because of the new digitals from Canon/Nikon ..",
    has the Canon 7/7E dropped in price ?

    curious - Tilman.

    Tilman Kolk, Sep 2, 2003
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  2. Tilman Kolk

    Alan Browne Guest

    $90 actually. Was $589, now $499. (USA price, not grey)
    (June 2003 catalog price v. today's website).
    More likely the stock ain't moving out of B&H.

    [[ But we'd really like to see Minolta release the "Maxxum D8, 8 Mpix on
    24 x 16 sensor with the robust body of the Max-9, the AF and wireless
    flash of the Max-7 ... the 3465 x 2310 pixel sensor yields awesome home
    prints at 300 dpi of 11.5 in. x 7.7 inches., and great 17.35 in. X 11.55
    inches at 200 dpi" ]]
    7E Has fallen to $374 from $409 ... $35 fall. (USA price)

    Would seem to me that people are holding off on film bodies and
    anticipating really good sub $1K digitals.

    Alan Browne, Sep 2, 2003
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  3. Tilman Kolk

    Bill Tuthill Guest

    Price drops are a normal occurrence during the SLR product lifecycle.
    As "T P" wisely asserted many moons ago, the best time to buy an SLR
    is just before it is discontinued. That way, all the bugs are fixed
    and you are getting the lowest price possible.
    Bill Tuthill, Sep 2, 2003
  4. Tilman Kolk

    Adam F Guest

    i just hope it keeps dropping - if it reaches $300 even people like me in
    countries with povvo currencies (Australia) will be able to afford them
    (locally they're still ~US$1100 - can you credit it?)

    v. nice camera it is too...hard to believe it's competing with the elan
    7/eos 33

    adam f
    Adam F, Sep 3, 2003
  5. Tilman Kolk

    Alan Browne Guest

    The Elan is very nice, but short, overall, of the Max-7 in many, many ways.
    Alan Browne, Sep 3, 2003
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