Minolta A1 & basketball

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by lucky4fingers, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Ok - I'm ready to give up. Maybe someone has ideas. I'd like to take
    pictures at basketball games with my A1. The main problem is the lens only
    open to f/3.5 not really wide enough for the dim light and action.
    If the ISO is slow enough for non grainy pictures the speed / f stop aren't
    good enough for non blurry pictures.
    ON full manual at 400 or 800 ISO, f 3.5, and speed @ 160 or 180 then it's
    hard to see/focus the shot. Then post processing to bring up the brightness
    & contrast brings out the grain of the high ISO setting. Auto focus is off
    to eliminate shutter lag.

    Any ideas besides a DSLR, good lens, and $1200+?
    lucky4fingers, Feb 15, 2007
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  2. lucky4fingers

    JakeC Guest

    Of course.
    Can you pre-focus, set the depth of view, then wait and shoot?
    Fujifilm S6000fd.


    "The Fujifilm S6000fd blew us away with its ability to make excellent
    13x19 inch prints from its six megapixel images. High ISO images were
    useable at 11x14 up to ISO 800, an impressive performance. ISO 1,600 and
    3,200 images were quite a bit softer, but both could produce decent 5x7
    inch images. Overall, the S6000fd sets the high water mark for image
    excellence from a digicam under $400.

    Colors were also terriffic across the board, even as ISO ramped up. At
    ISO 3,200, odd yellow blotches became visible on our indoor incandescent
    shot, however, so we recommend sticking to ISO 1,600 for most photography."
    JakeC, Feb 15, 2007
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