Minolta DiMAGE A200 Please comment if you like it

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by tellme, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. tellme

    tellme Guest

    I am thinking of getting this camera after reading many reviews but
    need to know someone that has it and if it is difficult to work and if
    you like it.

    I am not an avid photographer just novice.

    I also looked at the Z3. Can anyone give me some input please.
    tellme, Feb 18, 2005
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  2. tellme

    Pete D Guest

    If you are spending that much then the A2 is probably a better choice for a
    bit more.
    Pete D, Feb 18, 2005
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  3. tellme

    tellme Guest

    You say it is slow to autofocus. That is a negative to me as the shots
    I take I need the autofocus to be fast. I am not that good with a
    camera and by the time I would manual focus the shot would be gone.

    Because of your comment I looked a bit farther and the Panasonic
    DMC-FZ20 seems like a better choice. what do you think?
    tellme, Feb 20, 2005
  4. tellme

    tellme Guest

    Thank you. I am still in a quandry. I read the review and the forum on
    the Panasonic. It sounds pretty good.

    I will use the camera for taking shots of birds in flight indoors and
    family pics.
    tellme, Feb 22, 2005
  5. tellme wrote:
    Look at it this way:

    - the Panasonic is the top of its range

    - the Minolta is a cut-down version of the A2

    For family pics, the wider angle of the Minolta might be better, although
    I personally wouldn't buy one.

    May here might tell you that for fast response (and I guess you need that
    for birds in flight?) a DSLR might be a better choice. (I don't want that
    much size, weight and bulk, though).

    Perhaps the Panasonic is the best compromise?

    David J Taylor, Feb 22, 2005
  6. tellme

    Bruce Graham Guest

    I'm not sure IS will help much for low-light fast motion. Can you use
    flash for the birds?

    Maybe you need a DSLR? (for the ISO 1600 and fast AF bird capture).

    Apart from a brief play with my daughter's new FZ20, all this is just
    theory for me, offered only to get others ideas.
    Bruce Graham, Feb 22, 2005
  7. tellme

    tellme Guest

    Thank you. I am still in a quandry. I read the review and the forum on
    the Panasonic. It sounds pretty good.

    I will use the camera for taking shots of birds in flight indoors and
    family pics.

    David, thanks for your input. a DSLR would be overkill for me. I
    wonder why you would not buy a Minolta.

    I do need the fast response and I think the Panasonic from what I have
    read does have a wide angle as well.

    I wish I had more input from others here so that I can see other
    opinions, not that I do not value yours I just want pros and cons.

    I have read all I can and the articles go into such depth for someone
    that is not taking photography to exhibit.

    Input from others welcomed. Now it is down to the Minolta DimageA200
    and the Panasonic DMC-FZ20
    tellme, Feb 22, 2005
  8. tellme

    tellme Guest

    Bruce, the flash has not bothered them up till now. I am a distance
    from them that is why I need the zoom. I have gotten a few really good
    shots of my Timneh in flight with his wings spread out that someone
    did a painting of since the picture was so good. As you would probably
    guess it is difficult to shoot a bird in flight getting their wings
    spread out without noise in the picture and each feather spread out.

    I do not fly my birds outside so all my pics are taken indoors. Most
    of the family ones are as well.

    Does this help the list in giving me advice?
    tellme, Feb 22, 2005
    Robert Millard, Feb 22, 2005
  10. Hi Gavin,

    I purchased the DMZ-FZ20 just before Christmas to replace my Nikon N-80 with
    the following Nikkor lenses: 18-35mm, 105mm micro, and 80-400 VR. My lens
    of choice was the 80-400, and I'm becoming too old to cart around a 4+ pound

    So far I've photographed birds in Hawaii, lots of flower close-ups,
    aquariums, and general shooting and haven't regretted not having my film
    outfit at all. Can't recommend the Panasonic highly enough.

    Good luck,

    Robert Millard, Feb 22, 2005
  11. tellme

    Bruce Graham Guest

    Given you can use flash, I think you would be able to get your bird shots
    with the FZ20. The viewfinder (electronic) is slower than the optical
    finder of a DLSR, but you can just blaze away and you should eventually
    get some good shots. The FZ20 can do about 3 frames/sec for a short
    burst. Make sure you buy a fast SD card (45x or 60 x or 80x) for this
    camera. I bought a Transcend 45x 1G card which works well for my
    daughter and a lot cheaper than the Pana SD card. For blazing away with
    flash, I suspect you will need a good external auto flash - The FZ20 has
    an external flash contact, but the internal flash has enough light
    power if you can wait a moment between shots. An external flash would
    also let you use diffusers and bounce for different lighting. If you buy
    a secondhand flash, make sure that the flash trigger contact voltage is
    low enough to avoid frying the camera. You can also try pre-manual focus
    on a landing perch or other likely target area to cut down delay, but the
    FZ20 is much more resposive than a point and shoot anyway.
    Bruce Graham, Feb 23, 2005
  12. tellme wrote:
    I bought a Minolta A2 but sent it back because:

    - the images did not deliver the quality I expected

    - there were faults in the Minolta A1 which were not fixed in the A2

    - Minolta lied about the resolution of the viewfinder (which was a nice
    EVF, pity they dropped it for the A200).

    - the viewfinder was of "tinny" construction and did not articulate fully

    As a result, I lost faith in the company to deliver products of the
    quality I expected.

    David J Taylor, Feb 23, 2005
  13. tellme

    tellme Guest

    The birds fly through the house. I have 2 story ceilings. In the past
    by using the built in flash and all my kitchen and family room lights
    on I have gotten good pics of them flying. The hardest part was that
    the Olympus I had did not shoot continuous so I had to keep hitting
    the button but I got some great pics.

    An SLR for me would be overkill as I am thinking the Dimage would be
    as well.

    Thanks for the comments.
    tellme, Feb 23, 2005
  14. tellme

    tellme Guest

    Thanks Bob, I think you just convinced me to save myself some money
    and get the Panasonic. For what I need I think it should do the job. I
    have not been familiar with the Panasonic name and have always heard
    Olympus which I got last time and hated it, a Kodak which I tried out
    in the store (we only have about 4 here in my town and they don't have
    much inventory) and a Nikon which had noise and I didn't like it

    Wish I could see a Panasonic but prob. need to go for it anyway.

    tellme, Feb 23, 2005
  15. tellme

    JG Guest

    It Is and it does. Subject to the usual conditions and things we know
    about shooting moving targets.
    Agreed. Its a joy to use.
    Correct. The A200 is not the best performer here but rarely have I been
    unable to get the required shot.
    Definately an improvement on the A2. The whole package represents far
    better value for money than the A2.
    That's interesting. Have you used it and if so is it all ok?
    JG, Mar 15, 2005
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